Games Workshop gets Funky!

If you have visited a comic convention, shop, highstreet music store or even a supermarket in the past two or three years, then you will no doubt be aware of Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. These hugely popular and often highly collectable small figures are based on so many different sources it’s almost impossible to name them all. Continue reading Games Workshop gets Funky!

Draconians, Zygons and Sea Devils, oh My.

I recently started to collect the excellent Doctor Who Exterminate The Miniatures Game from Warlord Games, and I have covered the core game and two of the Doctor Who expansions already. Continue reading Draconians, Zygons and Sea Devils, oh My.

 Wargaming Conventions List of 2019

Looking to go to a wargame show or convention this year?  Our good friend Alif Cheng from Tabletop Cashback has created this handy list of all the major cons and shows that are going on, while no means exhaustive its pretty through and covers a lot of bigger events.  Continue reading  Wargaming Conventions List of 2019

John Wick Parabellum Trailer Released

Move over Thanos there is another unstoppable force of nature in town and he has is dog in tow!  Lionsgate have just released the trailer for the third chapter in the excellent John Wick series of movies, featuring Keanu Reeves as the titular Wick.  Continue reading John Wick Parabellum Trailer Released

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Survey (Modiphius Entertainment)

Its been a wee while since we last had an update on the excellent Fallout Wasteland Warfare, but our friends over at Modiphius Entertainment have not forgotten about the game and need your input! Continue reading Fallout Wasteland Warfare Survey (Modiphius Entertainment)

Star Trek Adventures Updates (Modiphius Entertainment)

Loads of updates from Modiphius Entertainment for the excellent Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying game, including your chance to get the Borg Cube Collection again.  Hurry though as stocks last time went very quickly.

Continue reading Star Trek Adventures Updates (Modiphius Entertainment)