Reinforcements arrive for Battlestar Galactica (Ares Games)

Ares Games have just revealed details of the first expansions for its new Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles. 

The game is out in a lot of countries at the moment and is hotly anticpiated to arrive in the UK before the end of January (some traders do already have copies) so how well it plays is still not a totally clear picture, but given as Wings of War is one of the best aircraft combat games around, I have very high hopes.

So arriving very soon for the game are a couple of expansions to add more fun and excitement to your engagements.  First up we have not one, but two expansions that feature Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, one of the stars of the rebooted show and all around badass.

Starbuck is an awesome pilot, one of the best in the colonial fleet and as such we find her here in a Viper Mark II, super fast and highly manourverable, she is almost a force of nature with her sharp mind and amazing skills.

Next up Starbuck gets her hands on a captured Cylon Raider, which is just what she does in the first season of the rebooted show, adding another element to the game.

And the walking toasters don’t miss out either as we get a Cylon Raider, piloted by a Cylon ace simply known as Scar!  Armed to the teeth and highly skilled, Scar will add extra punch to your Cylon forces.

Add to this a set of extra Control Panels which will really come in handy for players and allow for more folks on the battlefield.

All of the expansions are due to be released in February, and hopefully by then I should have my copy of the rules.

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