Tails of Equestria PDF Rulebook Now Available!

Great news for My Little Pony Fans and fans of great games everywhere as Tails of Equestria is finally available from our good friends at Riverhorse!  Check out the press release below and head on over to the site to grab a copy before they are all gone!

Tails of Equestria PDF Rulebook Now Available!

Head to the River Horse webstore or DriveThruRPG to purchase Tails of Equestria – The Storytelling Game in PDF format. Look out for more digital books coming soon!


Collect each of our Pony Dice Sets:

Glitter Unicorn Dice,
Marble Earth Pony Dice,
Gem Pegasus Dice.

Match your favourite Pony Character, and get a unique Mini-Adventure with each set!

The Tokens of Friendship set comes with 15 purple gems, and a Twilight Sparkle drawstring bag.

Find all the accessories on our webstore now!

Tails of Equestria Dice & Tokens Back in Stock!


Don’t forget to check out the FREE Krowdfunder: The Game Print & Playtest!


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