First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors (Warlord Games)

Doctor Who has been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a small child (see my article for more information) and for over fifty years now I have been excited about all things Who and beyond.I was really excited when the wonderful guys at Warlord Games sent me some sample miniatures to review recently and among them was a pack that contained three miniatures of the First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors for Warlords excellent Doctor Who: Exterminate Miniatures Game!

These awesome miniatures are released under license from the BBC and Gale Force Nine and the quality is first class.  Cast in a high quality resin, each of these models is a great collectors piece in its own right, but when you add it into the game, they really start to shine.

The first thing one notices when one opens the pack is the interior packaging and how it seems to jump right out and scream quality.  Inside the cardboard outer shell is a translucent light blue plastic container that houses the miniatures, this of course is nothing special as a lot of companies do interior packaging for their miniatures.  However this packaging for a Who fan is perfect as embossed on one side is a Gallifreyan icon, the home planet of the titular Timelord.  While this may seem twee to most people, those who have invested any amount of time with the show will find this a great touch.

Naturally up first is the First Doctor as portrayed by the late William Hartnell and the first actor to play the character from 1963’s pilot An Unearthly Child, to 1966’s The Tenth Planet!  Hartnell had a difficult job of bringing to life the character who seemed to work on paper but would be a struggle to find its feet at first, before becoming a runaway success!

Sculpted to represent the character wearing his classic frock coat and trousers and posed with the character grabbing the lapels of his jacket and slightly stooped as if talking down to a child.  This perfectly captures the portrayal of Hartnell, as the actor often made ‘Matter of Fact’ speeches to prove how superior his intellect was!

Next we have the Fourth Doctor as portrayed by the legendary Tom Baker!  Baker is for many their Doctor and played the character longer than any other actor in the shows fifty five year history and is often ranked in the top three actors to play the character.  First appearing in the 1974 episode ‘Robot’ and playing the character in a further 179 episodes until his final appearance in 1981’s ‘Logoplis’.

Where William Hartnell was a serious, often stoic faced Doctor, Tom Baker was the total opposite and was lighthearted and more of a clown than any of the previous actors to play the character.  Of course he could be serious if needed and one of the most loved episodes ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ sees him forced with the dilemma of wiping out the Daleks before they even existed, basically committing genocide on an evil race that would save billions upon billions of lives in the future!

The miniature is by far the best rendering if I have ever seen of Forth Doctor over the years and looks so much like Tom Baker you wouldn’t be surprised if he offered you a jelly baby!

Sculpted wearing his trademark long duster style jacket, fedora hat and the iconic scarf that is so long that several people could wear it.  The character is smiling that enigmatic smile that only could mean Tom Baker. With his hat raised as if to say hello, this is a perfect capture and one of the most realistic looking character miniatures I have ever seen.

Finally the set is rounded off by the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant!  David Tennant had a difficult job laid out for him when he took over the title from the shows rebooting Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, but embraced the role and totally made it his own.  Tennant is often rated as the most popular actor to play the role in its long history and from his first apperance in 2006’s ‘The Christmas Invasion’ to his last in 2010s ‘The End of Time’, the actor would become the face that most people would associate with the character.

Tennant played the character in a pretty unique way, and brought his own style with him.  The Tenth Doctor was very much that of a lonely man, who would go from adventure to adventure, and no matter who was travelling with him, always seemed to have the weight of the universe on his shoulders.  This was down to being the last of his race and the decisions he made in previous incarnations that doomed his race.

Dressed in his trademark duster jacket, and wearing a suit and tie with Converse hightops and armed with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver, this model just screams paint me!  Great attention to detail and perfectly matched for the game.

As well as these miniatures, the set also contains the cards for use in the game, with each Doctor having his own card specific to that model that capture the character or mood of each Doctor.

The First Doctor’s card gives him a Move 6, Resielence 4, Melee +1 and Firepower 0 (same as the Fourth Doctors card), and the traits Unique, Wounds (2), All Hope is Lost, Tough.  All of the characters have the same first three traits, its the last trait that is changed.

Tough is described in the Guide to the Time Vortex booklet on page 24.

The Fourth Doctors different trait is Maverick, which is again described in the Guide to the Time Vortex booklet on page 23.

The Tenth Doctor differs slightly as he as a +1 Ranged Firepower and no extra traits other than Unique, Wounds (2), and All Hope is Lost.

As noted each character gets an adventure card with the actors picture on it.  The First Doctors card is Eloquent Speech which basically means that all non special characters (ie rank and file models) within 8″ of the Doctor may not move shoot or engage during the turn played, but may defend themselves.  This is a great card to play if you are trying to get those last victory points.

The First Doctor is also equipped with an Hypnotic Ring that can make either ranged of close combat attacks, leaving an opponent stunned.

The Fourth Doctors Adventure card is Would you like a Jelly Baby, one of the iconic lines from Tom Baker and used throughout his run as the Doctor.  This will make any one non special character from the opposing force within 6″ of the Doctor switch sides and become an ally for the remainder of the game!

He is also equipped with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver which like the First Doctors Hypnotic Ring can make ranged or melee attacks and stuns.

Finally we come to the Tenth Doctor who again is armed with a Sonic Screwdriver and his Adventure card is I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!  This card like the previous cards are unique to that particular Doctor and this card will turn any two stunned results into an Exterminate which will remove the model from play!

So what do you think of these miniatures?  Would you like to see more reviews of this nature, that include unboxings of the product?  Why not let us know in the comments below.

My many thanks to Paul Sawyer and Lorenzo Pala from Warlord Games for all their support with this review.


Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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