Quick Paint Supermarine Spitfire MKII Part One (Blood Red Skies)

There was a time long ago that I could paint, and paint well enough to get an honorable mention at Golden Demon.  Now my eyesight is very poor and I wear glasses all the time and can’t see very well without them.  But I still try to paint when I can as it relaxes me and helps with my blood pressure.  

I have recently picked up Blood Red Skies from Warlord Games and decided that I would do a very quick paint guide to painting the planes up and getting them onto the table as quickly as possible.

In this two part video I put down the base coats, used a shade to get all the detail in the panels to pop out, and finally used a combination of wet brushing and normal painting to finish this part of the tutorial of sorts.

The paints I used were as follows

Humbrol Dark Earth Matt 29

Humbrol Aircraft Blue Matt 65

Games Workshop Nuln Oil

Games Workshop Abaddon Black

In the video I do mention Games Workshops Scar White, but didnt get around to using it.

Firstly the whole model was primed using Humbrol Matt Black Primer Spray (35) and once dry was given a coat of Dark Earth Matt 29 which was drybrushed onto the miniature.

I then painted Aircraft Blue Matt 65 on the underside of the plane and let the miniature dry.

The entire model was given a wash of Nuln Oil and left to dry again.  Then I drybrushed Dark Earth Matt 29 on the upper fuselage of the aircraft and used a technique called wet brushing (which is sort of a mixture of drybrushing and normal painting) on the lower fuselage using Aircraft Blue Matt 65.

I added a few wee details by painting the nose cone, wheels, cockpit and aerial in Abaddon Black and finally added a bit of camouflage on the upper part of the plane using a mix of Dark Earth and Aircraft Blue.

In the next video I will go over how to do the details and add the decals, I am just waiting on Warlord delivering my decals for that.

This is a very fast and simple technique to get your models ready to play quickly and all in all I did all six of the Supermarine Spitfires in under an hour, including drying time.

Hopefully someone may find this of use and as always comments are always welcomed.

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