Games Workshop gets Funky!

If you have visited a comic convention, shop, highstreet music store or even a supermarket in the past two or three years, then you will no doubt be aware of Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. These hugely popular and often highly collectable small figures are based on so many different sources it’s almost impossible to name them all.

From movie stars like Marilyn Monroe to rock legends like David Bowie and everything else inbetween from games, film, television and the whole breadth of popular culture, Funko Pop figures are big news.

Recently at the London Toy Fair it was revealed by Funko that they had secured a licensing deal with games giant Games Workshop to produce a series of Pop figures based on its best selling Warhammer 40,000 game and today the news was broke by the Warhammer Community page.

Blood Angel Space Marine

Dark Angel Space Marine

Ultramarines Space Marine

Space Wolf Space Marine

These are bound to be very popular and in high demand and will sell out very quickly so keep your eyes peeled once they are released.  I am hoping to get my hands on some, if not all of these to add my collection (which is currently about twenty or so) and will do a review if I do manage to get them.

Head on over to the Warhammer Community page to read the full article and also get a glimpse into how these cute Marines are made!


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