Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD Shipping Update (EN Publishing)

Last week I posted news about the long awaited Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying Game from our friends over at EN Publishing.  Here is another update from Russ Morrisey and its looking very good indeed.

Hi everybody! I have some great news! As promised I’m keeping you updated on the exact progress of the printing and shipping of your books.

I’ve just received word from the printers of the dates they will be shipping the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD products to our warehouse, as well as a few tasty photos of pallets of books!

The pallets will be leaving the printer on February 1st/2nd, with expected delivery at our warehouse here in the UK around February 6th/7th.

At that point we will start putting together everybody’s packages and shipping them out. I say “we”, but I mean “the shipping company”.

Also, as promised, here are some photos!

That’s a lot of GM Screens!
So very many of them!
The Robot Wars is printed and finished and ready to go!
And the core rulebooks are printed and just awaiting binding and covers!

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