Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Art Book 1 Giveaway

By subscribing to the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest series of partwork magazines from Hatchette Partworks, you will find that they offer you the occasional special product, at an extra cost.  I, like a lot of other subscribers; didn’t receive this notification and the first I learned about it was when I was charged an extra £15 for a product I didn’t even order.

Anyway here is my video taking a look through the book itself, which is a great looking product as one would come to expect from Games Workshop, but I doubt I would have bought it personally.  The artwork really stands out and there are some stunningly beautiful painted images, but again not something I personally would pay out for these days and I already own most of the images in one format or another.  Still if you are new to the hobby you may find it of interest.

As such I would like to give this book away in a competition and bare in mind that this product is not available in the shops.

To be in with a chance of winning this lovely looking book, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow Gamers Web here and just leave a comment on either this post or the video on our YouTube channel and tell us the name you would call your very own Space Marine Chapter.  This is only just a bit of fun and the more fun you make it the better chance you have of being able to win the book, and please be original and not just use a name from the game like Ultramarines or Crimson Fists!

Winners will be announced on Valentines Day both here and on our YouTube Channel.

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