Three more releases confirmed for Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius Entertainment)

More great news for fans of Star Trek Adventures with the announcement of three new releases coming in the next few months.  Star Trek Adventures is a fantastic system and has a huge following and it is great to see more and more content coming for this exciting game.

Modiphius Entertainment has confirmed the release date of their upcoming Sciences Division supplement and Alpha Quadrant sourcebook, and announced a brand new missions book entitled Strange New Worlds.
The Sciences Division supplement will round off a series of three supplements that give players and gamemasters guidance on the three Starfleet divisions: command, operations, and sciences. Inside the Science Division supplement players can find a detailed exploration of the sciences division, covering the science and medical departments, Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical. There is also an exploration on including fan-favorite Q in your campaign. The book contains new options for science-based characters, as well as science and medical equipment not yet covered by the game. Gamemasters have new rules for creating truly alien beings, like aliens made of energy or different elements, as well as new rules for diseases. There are also non-player character statistics for famous scientific luminaries like Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zefram Cochrane.
The Sciences Division hardcover supplement is priced at £24.99/$34.99 USD, available in both print and PDF direct from and DriveThruRPG from February 19, and friendly local gaming stores shortly after. Fans who purchased the PDF Collection on or will be able to enjoy a PDF copy of the book from February 19.
In July, players will be transported to the Alpha Quadrant with the second quadrant sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures. The Alpha Quadrant sourcebook will focus its sights on starbase Deep Space 9, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis. The book’s cover features original artwork of the first battle of Deep Space 9, with the station defending itself from the Klingon fleet, suggesting that Star Trek Adventures is covering more of the franchise’s timeline as the books are released.
In August, Star Trek Adventures will begin to explore Strange New Worlds with its second mission compendium of the same name. The book will contain 10 original missions to play through, exploring the strangest and most challenging away missions on dangerous planets and weird environments. Strange New Worlds follows These Are the Voyages in providing fans with adventure material for the game from both Star Trek fiction writers such as Christopher L. Bennett (The Captain’s Oath, Greater Than the Sum) and roleplay gaming luminaries like Jason Bulmahn (Pathfinder).

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  1. mjsimmons says:

    Can’t wait for these books to come out, been collecting them all to date so far. 🙂


  2. Hey, Mark! This is great. Can I have permission to repost this article at We will, of course, give you full credit and link back to this blog or any other blog you prefer.

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  3. It will go live tomorrow at 6AM PST. Thanks again!

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