Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD chat transcript with Chris Lite (EN Publishing)

A couple of nights ago Chris Lite the project line manager on the upcoming Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD roleplaying game did a chat style Q&A hosted by Dan Davenport on his excellent site Random Worl. I braved the fact it was nearly two in the morning and joined in. 

Here is the transcript of the awesome chat and my many thanks to Dan for allowing me to share it with you all. February 6th 2019.


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<+ChrisLites> I’m Chris Lites, line manager for the new Judge Dredd and 2000 AD game from EN World.

<~Dan> (Welcome to #randomworlds, MarcFarrimond!)

<+MarcFarrimond> Hi Chris

<+MarcFarrimond> hello everyone how are you all?

<+ChrisLites> Hey, Mark.

<+dannerz> im ok

<~Dan> Doing well, thanks!

<+dannerz> I have a player, we have been playing off and on for 3 days now

<+ChrisLites> Cool. How is it going?

<+dannerz> My game is for serious RP.

<+MarcFarrimond> Only saw your post a while ago Chris or would have reposted it on Gamers Web and tweeted but hey ho 😉

<+dannerz> not too serious, but,

<~Dan> Are you ready for questions, ChrisLites?

<+ChrisLites> shoot

<+dannerz> How do you gain power on your game, ChrisLites?

<~Dan> Okay! So, for those unfamiliar (and I’m finding that there are some), can you give a high-level overview of what Judge Dredd is about?

<+Crazy-Cabal> Does the game cover any exact eras out of 2000AD? Like cursed earth arc or block war/east meg stuff?

<~Dan> (Question pause after Crazy-Cabal.)

<+ChrisLites> Judge Dredd is set in Mega City 1 which is a dystopian take on America in which the entire East Coast is one city and police have been replaced by Judges who are judge, jury, and executioner.

<+ChrisLites> It intends to cover all areas.

<+ChrisLites> Cursed Earth will be the book after Luna-1

<+ChrisLites> Is there an era you particularly want to see?

<+Crazy-Cabal> Some of the big weirder cities that were around during the judge child stuff. Texas City 1, etc.

<+ChrisLites> Those are planned.

<+MarcFarrimond> I’ve already started to stat up stuff for Day the Law Died to Block Mania and Apocalypse War but I know thats way ahead yet

<~Dan> Are the PCs all Judges?

<+ChrisLites> PCs can play Judges, crooks, citizens, anything really.

<+MarcFarrimond> even robots Dan 🙂

<~Dan> Nice. 🙂

<+MarcFarrimond> Robot Wars is pretty neat and very funny Andy did a great job on it

<+ChrisLites> Yes, he did. He’s working on future books as well.

<~Dan> Can you give some examples of the weird aspects of the setting, like psychic powers and mutations?

<+Crazy-Cabal> Do we get the Dark Judges in the core or is that a future thing?

<+ChrisLites> The thing I like about Dredd, is that it’s essentially satire. That allows for all sorts of weirdness. So, you have Psy-Division Judges who have various pyschic power, mutants out in the Cursed Earth past the city walls, and demons.

<+ChrisLites> Crazy robots. Crazy fads. Incarnations of Death.

<+MarcFarrimond> Dan MC-1 is more than just weird its totally out there. Talking plants, food that is made from garbage literally, people who weigh over a tonne and eat professionally

<+ChrisLites> It really has everything. And it works.

<+MarcFarrimond> idiots who fly at 200 mph plus on a flying plank

<+ChrisLites> Yes, Meg-1 is over the top for sure.

<~Dan> Demons? The supernatural exists?

<+ChrisLites> I think that’s part of the reason it’s lasted so long. Yes, Dan, supernatural exists.

<+Crazy-Cabal> I think there’s a undercity full of werewolves…

<+ChrisLites> There are four Judges who are essentially the Four Horsemen, for example.

<+ChrisLites> I think the first Dredd story I read had a werewolf.

<+MarcFarrimond> There are werewolves, a story in the future where all the judges turned into vampires

<+MarcFarrimond> the judges have their own dept set up just for the supernatural with the Exorcist squad

<+ChrisLites> Yes.

<~Dan> Cool. 🙂

<+ChrisLites> There’s also a British squad that’s similar but more X-Files.

<~Dan> And there are aliens, IIRC?

<+ChrisLites> Yes. Aliens.

<+ChrisLites> And alternate dimensions.

<~Dan> Are there alien PCs?

<+ChrisLites> We’ll also be doing Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog.

Mockup of the Strontium Dog RPG
Mockup of the Rogue Trooper RPG

<+Crazy-Cabal> Mega City 1 was occupied by aliens at the behest of Judge Cal at the time I think.

<+MarcFarrimond> well aliens such as the xenomorphs from the movies are only in one story

<+ChrisLites> You could make an alien PC if you wanted.

<+MarcFarrimond> Kleggs Crazy-Cabal

<+ChrisLites> Yes, Kleggs.

<+ChrisLites> Also Ape Gangsters

<+MarcFarrimond> Strontium Dog is really going to rock 😉

<+ChrisLites> I love SD.

<+MarcFarrimond> though I am most excited about DR and Quinch

<+Eric_E> Hiya

<~Dan> (Howdy, Eric_E!)

<+MarcFarrimond> hello Eric

<+Crazy-Cabal> Is the 2000AD RPG going to cover any other series? ABCs, Nemesis?

<+ChrisLites> Hello, Eric.

<+ChrisLites> Yes, we will cover other series based on popularity. Those two are near the top thus far.

<+ChrisLites> Are there others you’d like to see?

<+MarcFarrimond> Invasion, Flesh and MACH 1 for me

<+MarcFarrimond> especially Flesh

<+Crazy-Cabal> Nicolai for sure

<+ChrisLites> noted

<~Dan> Can the setting handle a mixed group of Judges and non-Judges?

<+MarcFarrimond> Zenith too as there is so much scope there for a setting

<+ChrisLites> it can. It’s not specifically intended for that, but you can do it.

<+Crazy-Cabal> I mean I suppose Zombi if the system can handle more slap stick insanity

<+Crazy-Cabal> Er Zomb o

<+MarcFarrimond> WOIN is pretty flexible

<~Dan> (Howdy, GrimmgardTodd!)

<+MarcFarrimond> it is an easy enough system to accommodate mixed play without much hassle

<~Dan> How much autonomy do Judges have?

<+MarcFarrimond> hello Grim

<+ChrisLites> The Judges have a lot of autonomy.

<+ChrisLites> By virtue of being in a city overrun by crime, they have near-total authority.

<+GrimmgardTodd> ( I lovvvve Judge Dredd. )

<+MarcFarrimond> more or less total really Dan as democracy was deemed not to work and total power was given over to the judges

<+ChrisLites> Yes, it’s only when internal politics crop up where you see issues.

<+MarcFarrimond> it did get a vote during one of the more famous story lines but people decided to stick with the devil they knew better and kept the judges in

<+ChrisLites> Yeah. Dredd has never been about democracy so much as a send up of it.

<+MarcFarrimond> the Democracy Now storyline was pretty awesome

<+MarcFarrimond> ChrisLites any plans for stand alone adventures?

<+ChrisLites> That is being discussed. Would people here like to see those?

<~Dan> Definitely.

<+GrimmgardTodd> (YES!)

<+MarcFarrimond> Given the size and scope of MC-1 there are a million stories to be told

<~Dan> IIRC, there have been two previous Dredd games. Aside from the system, what’s different about this one?

<+Eric_E> Three

<+Crazy-Cabal> Will there be some sort of adventur generator? Just randomized cases every once in awhile.

<~Dan> (Welcome to #randomworlds, PuppycatProductions!)

<+Eric_E> Original GW box set, the d20 iteration from Mongoose, then the Traveller version

<+ChrisLites> We’re trying to capture the spirit of the comic in a way that, I hope, works out the way it did on Conan.

<~Dan> Ah, forgot about the d20 version.

<+ChrisLites> Going back to the source material. Figuring out how it ticks.

<+Eric_E> Of those, I still have the Traveller series. What would make me decide to swap to the new set?

<+PuppycatProductions> Good to be here.

<+MarcFarrimond> I worked on both the D20 and Traveller versions and can honestly say that the WOIN system is far better and less clunky and easier to get used to especially if your a new player

<+ChrisLites> We’re also including summaries of Progs so people can fill in their missing knowledge. Given the series is 40 years old, there are a LOT of stories.

<+Crazy-Cabal> Are you guys going to be doing PDF mostly or phsyical versions as well?

<+ChrisLites> Both.

<~Dan> Do you have a character sheet for the game that we can see?

<+MarcFarrimond> PDFs of the rules and Robot Wars are both available on RPG net now Crazy_Cabal

<+ChrisLites> (Link: http://www.woinrpg.com/news/2018/5/7/its-the-official-2000-ad-rpg-character-sheet)http://www.woinrpg.com/news/2018/5/7/its-the-official-2000-ad-rpg-character-sheet
<+PuppycatProductions> Sorry if I’m asking questions you’ve already covered, I’m late to the party. In your game, what are we playing as? Just judges or any other character types?

<+PuppycatProductions> (Nevermind, covered by the link you just posted)

<~Dan> ChrisLites: I take it that that’s a Judge-specific character sheet?

<+ChrisLites> You can be Judges, citizens, criminals, pretty much anything.

<+MarcFarrimond> I ran a game a few weeks ago were two judges from the Wally Squad went undercover to infiltrate a skysurfer ring and it worked pretty well

<+ChrisLites> That one can be used for any.

<+MarcFarrimond> Thing was none of the skysurfer characters knew

<+ChrisLites> That sounds very cool.

<+Eric_E> I think the confusion comes because the equipment is judge specific

* ~Dan nods

<+ChrisLites> Yes, it’s filled out for a Judge.

<+MarcFarrimond> I will write it up and mail it you ChrisLites

<+ChrisLites> please do!

<+MarcFarrimond> got a lot of stuff down to run by you too so expect a mail tomorrow bud

<+Crazy-Cabal> What kind of robots can you play? Walter on up?

<~Dan> (Welcome to #randomworlds, Guest38!)

<+GrimmgardTodd> (Are the Careers tabs on the character sheet, similar to the careers in the Travellers character creation mini-game?)

<+ChrisLites> Yes. Walter and, I think pretty much every robot, has or will have stats.

<+ChrisLites> It’s not a mini-game, no. You don’t die in character creation, for example.

<~Dan> A definite plus.

<~Dan> What is the WOIN task resolution mechanic?

<~Dan> (Here for the Q&A, ManElectro? 🙂 )

<+ChrisLites> WOIN uses a d6 based dice pool with a trait + skill mechanic used to create your pool for each test. It’s simple and fast to play but allows considerable modularity with character builds.

<+PuppycatProductions> Every robot you say? (Link: https://youtu.be/RcDdK_kdhhg?t=15)https://youtu.be/RcDdK_kdhhg?t=15
<~Dan> Additive d6 pools, like West End’s D6 system?

<+ChrisLites> Possibly not Rob Schneider

<~Dan> (Howdy, SteveG! Welcome to #randomworlds!)

<+SteveG> Hey dan!

<+dannerz> Hi Steve

<+PuppycatProductions> Look, I don’t know how I feel about a Judge Dredd game where I can’t play as Rob Schneider.

<+MarcFarrimond> hello Steve

<+SteveG> 😀

<+PuppycatProductions> Happy, I guess?

* ~Dan laughs

<~Dan> (wb, Eric_E!)

<+ChrisLites> Dice pools are additive, yes

<~Dan> How gritty is combat?

<+SteveG> Is this game out now or coming

<+Eric_E> (Multitasking and flipping between screens, but gotta run now, gnight all)

<+ChrisLites> so, you’re looking for the totals, not successes

<~Dan> (Sleep well, Eric!)

<+MarcFarrimond> PDF is out now Steve

<+ChrisLites> it’s out in PDF

<+ChrisLites> the print books are coming

<+PuppycatProductions> How much is a .pdf?

<+SteveG> ahhhhhh

<+ChrisLites> 19.99

<+SteveG> cool DTRPG I assume, I will be checking it out shortly then. I love dice pools

<~Dan> (Howdy, DLB_Chuck!)

<+ChrisLites> yes it’s on Drive-Thru

<+MarcFarrimond> (Link: https://gamersweb.co.uk/2019/02/04/judge-dredd-and-worlds-of-2000ad-the-robot-wars-campaign-book-now-available-in-pdf-en-publishing/)https://gamersweb.co.uk/2019/02/04/judge-dredd-and-worlds-of-2000ad-the-robot-wars-campaign-book-now-available-in-pdf-en-publishing/

<+MarcFarrimond> theres links there Puppy

<+SteveG> Although DTRPG’s servers are rather unstable currently I’m finding, bloody server migration!

<+SteveG> sweet!

<+ChrisLites> Yeah, they were down for, what, a day?

<~Dan> Does the game have a bestiary, and if so, how large?

<+SteveG> A day for customers, but from the publisher side, they are still unstable

<+ChrisLites> I have heard that, yes.

<+SteveG> I was trying to upload the last 5 days or so, very hit and miss

<+MarcFarrimond> its a huge migration

<+ChrisLites> The core has medium to large bestiary with supplements expanding on that

<+ChrisLites> RPG.net had the same issues when they upgraded.

<~Dan> What sorts of critters can we expect?

<+ChrisLites> Mutants, aliens, the Angel Gang, robots, various criminals, the Sky Surfers, gangs, City Defence, Block War….

<+SteveG> And that sounds cool

<+ChrisLites> Stranger things in Cursed Earth

<~Dan> Please tell me that Cursed Earth will feature dinosaurs?

<+ChrisLites> like a guy who is basically a cyborg tank called General Blood n Guts

<+ChrisLites> yes

<+MarcFarrimond> anything and everything can and will happen

<~Dan> Sweeeet.

<+ChrisLites> I think they are on the cover

<+SteveG> What kind of feel are you going for with combat? Gritty? Cinematic? Something else?

<+ChrisLites> a mix of gitty and cinematic

<+ChrisLites> 2000 AD gets pretty graphic

<+SteveG> thats my kind of combat then!

<+ChrisLites> but it’s not necessarily “realistic” per se

<+SteveG> yep yep

<+MarcFarrimond> its far less clunky than d20 so can really be good

<+SteveG> how many dice tend to be in your pool

<~Dan> Well, let me put it this way: Can you drop through a skylight, both Lawgivers blazing, and not die like a moron?

<+ChrisLites> D20 is a great system, but trying to shoehorn every setting into it did not always work.

<+MarcFarrimond> you dont have to look up loads of tables or charts which is always good

<+DLB_Chuck> What kinds of dice does it use?

<+ChrisLites> If you’re a Judge, yes.

<+SteveG> I am the law!

<+MarcFarrimond> yeah i wouldnt recommend it for a non judge unless you want to lose both arms

<~Dan> Heh.

<+ChrisLites> D6

<+PuppycatProductions> What’s the upper limit on the number of arms you can start the game with?

<~Dan> Do you mean firearms or literal arms? 😀

<+PuppycatProductions> Yes.

<+ChrisLites> That’s really up to the GM

<~Dan> Speaking of which, mutants are outlawed in the city, right?

<+MarcFarrimond> depends if your a mutie or not

<+ChrisLites> Judges have standard loadouts, but you don’t have to stick with that

<+MarcFarrimond> they are Dan but at the time of the current setting the Cursed Earth wall has not been built

<+ChrisLites> Criminals would have guns less powerful than Lawgivers, usualy

<+ChrisLites> Mutant are outlawed, yes

<~Dan> Ah, so muties can sneak in during this period?

<+MarcFarrimond> The game is going in chronological order starting from the beginning

<+MarcFarrimond> yes Dan

<+PuppycatProductions> I’m honestly not too familiar with the Judge Dredd setting so I’m just assuming Alpha Complex but with less hygiene.

<+ChrisLites> that is the plan

<+ChrisLites> No, not really like Paranoia

<+ChrisLites> more like pre-cyberpunk

<+ChrisLites> with more humor

<+MarcFarrimond> No its far more complex that Paranoia and as Chris says with more humour too

<~Dan> Speaking of cyberpunk, you mentioned that cyborg character… Are cybernetics available?

<+ChrisLites> yes

<+SteveG> cool

<~Dan> Is there a good reason NOT to get them?

<+ChrisLites> Get those arms you lost dropping through plate glass replaced

<~Dan> Ha!

<+SteveG> is there any kind of psychic powers type thing?

<+ChrisLites> They aren’t necessarily better

<+SteveG> I’m not super familiar with the Dredd universer

<+ChrisLites> there are psychic powers

<+ChrisLites> there is a Judge Psy-Division

<+SteveG> excellent

<+SteveG> oh yeah!

<+ChrisLites> it’s key to the setting

<~Dan> What sorts of psychic powers are there?

<+SteveG> Oh shit is that right, awesome!

<~Dan> (Mind the language, please, SteveG. Family-friendly chat. 😉 )

<+ChrisLites> Telepathy, lie-detection, psychokinesis, etc.

<+SteveG> sorry!

<~Dan> (No worries!)

<+ChrisLites> Also, as we mentioned before, there are Judge exorcists

<~Dan> How extensive are the choices of mutations?

<+ChrisLites> in the Cursed Earth book, there are a LOT

<+ChrisLites> there will also be a lot in Strontium Dog

<+DLB_Chuck> When are the other books coming out?

<+ChrisLites> We want to ramp up to one per month.

<~Dan> Wow!

<+SteveG> So far I’m seeing lots of ticks: guns, mutants, psychics, dice pools, humour. How about vehicle combat rules?

<~Dan> That’s quite a schedule!

<+ChrisLites> Luna-1 is in editing

<+ChrisLites> then Cursed Earth

<+Crazy-Cabal> That’s crazy, usually licensed games are slower because of approvals

<+ChrisLites> then Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog

<+DLB_Chuck> That’s amazing in terms of the release schedule

<+ChrisLites> Rebellion is pretty cool

<+MarcFarrimond> Rebellion are really cool that way

<+ChrisLites> I’ve had mostly good experiences with IP holders

<~Dan> WOIN seems like a solid system but isn’t exactly a gamer household name (yet)… How hard was it to get the license?

<+ChrisLites> That would be above my paygrade

<~Dan> Ah, gotcha.

<+ChrisLites> But it helps that the company is in the UK

<~Dan> Makes sense.

<+MarcFarrimond> And the contacts the EN has too 🙂

<+ChrisLites> And En World has quite a platform

* ~Dan nods

<+ChrisLites> exactly

<+MarcFarrimond> I think that Angus knows everyone in the gaming world both computer and physical

<+ChrisLites> most likely

<+MarcFarrimond> being at Gencon with him is a little like being in a media circus lol

<~Dan> I thought Angus worked for a different company.

<+SteveG> OK y’all it’s work time here in Sydney so I can’t stay. But I’ll check out the links! Cheers!

<~Dan> Take care, SteveG!

<+ChrisLites> He does.

<+MarcFarrimond> take care Steve

<+SteveG> 😀

<~Dan> Chronicle City, right?

<+ChrisLites> He freelances as well

<+MarcFarrimond> yes Dan as well as dozens of others

<~Dan> Ah, gotcha. Didn’t know that.

<+DLB_Chuck> I see it as a PDF. Are printed copies coming?

<+ChrisLites> I think his main gig is Board Game Guru right now?

<+MarcFarrimond> it is Chris

<+ChrisLites> yes they are being printed right now

<~Dan> For those who don’t know, what are Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper about?

<+dannerz> Did anyone see my question? I was wondering how you gain power on the Judge Dredd game.

<~Dan> dannerz: Like experience?

<+dannerz> yes

<+ChrisLites> Rogue Trooper takes place on Nu-Earth, a planet caught in a war between the Norts and Southers. The dies have used chemical warfare to a degree that the air is toxic. So, genetic Infantry were made who can breath the toxic air and are superior to most troops.

<+MarcFarrimond> its like the American Civil War in space with blue guys 😀

<+ChrisLites> Strontium Dog involves an Earth where Strontium-D created mass mutations. Mutants are outcasts. The only jobs they can get are as bounty hunters.

<+MarcFarrimond> literally GI Blues

<~Dan> Ha!

<~Dan> ChrisLites: Bounty hunters in space, IIRC?

<+ChrisLites> So, they go and hunt down scum in space, sometimes in time, parallel dimensions. Johnny Alpha, the main character, runs into Judge Dredd actually

<+ChrisLites> Yes, bounty hunters in space who are mutants

<+MarcFarrimond> though not all. Wulf Sternhammer is a Viking

<+MarcFarrimond> from 1114AD

<+ChrisLites> yes

<~Dan> Heh. Cool.

<+ChrisLites> everyone should have a Viking with them

<+MarcFarrimond> and Johnnys best friend

<+ChrisLites> if you don’t, what are you even doing?

<+MarcFarrimond> come taste der happy stick old cucumber

<+MarcFarrimond> hey any game that lets you go back in time and arrest Hitler is win win

<+ChrisLites> yes it is

<~Dan> (I made up a goofy game one day at work where you describe everything you’re doing with the phrase “…like a Viking”.)

<+ChrisLites> haha

<+ChrisLites> nice

<~Dan> (I’m going to go get a cup of coffee, like a Viking.)

<~Dan> (But I digress…)

<+ChrisLites> 2000 AD is pretty trippy. It took a lot of influence from the New Wave of British sci-fi in the 1960s with guys like Moorcock, M. John Harrison, and J.G. Ballard.

<+MarcFarrimond> dannerz asked about experience Chris

<+Crazy-Cabal> Did you somehow manage to snag the Marshal Law license so you can have even more Dredd crossovers? 😉

<+MarcFarrimond> right chums its 240am here nearly so need to get to get to bed.

<~Dan> Sleep well, MarcFarrimond!

<~Dan> Come by any time!

<+MarcFarrimond> Chris will mail you later with some ideas and get that adventure storted

<+MarcFarrimond> thanks Dan

<+MarcFarrimond> May your Lawgivers always fire true!

<~Dan> 😀

<+MarcFarrimond> off to bed now Like a Viking

<~Dan> Ha!

<+ChrisLites> XP lets you get better dice pools.

<+MarcFarrimond> cheers Dan

<+MarcFarrimond> right friends have a great night whats left of it and see you on the flip

<~Dan> Is there any sort of Hero/Drama/Fate Point mechanic?

<+DLB_Chuck> Looks awesome guys!

<+ChrisLites> You get exploits. Special abilities. Things that let you do heroic, or infamous, things

<~Dan> Can you give an example?

<~Dan> (And brb — please continue)

<+ChrisLites> Die Hard, which allows you to keep fighting when you should be dead.

<+ChrisLites> Analytics, which allows you to study your opponent and get a bonus.

<+ChrisLites> There’s a Bearhug Exploit

<+DLB_Chuck> What’s the bearhug exploit do?

<+ChrisLites> There is also Luck

<+ChrisLites> Bearhug (requires STR 8+). When you successfully grab a foe, you grab your target with both arms, squeezing him. You can only bearhug a target of your size category or smaller. The target gains the Restrained condition, and takes 1d6 damage at the start of each of his turns. You may move at half SPEED, taking your victim with you.

<~Dan> (back)

<+ChrisLites> there’s also a Sunder for your viking

<~Dan> Nice.

<~Dan> Oh, did you answer the earlier question about vehicle rules?

<+ChrisLites> and new books will add new Exploits where it’s right

<+DLB_Chuck> So it seems like the combat is fairly cinematic with special moves etc. Is that correct?

<+ChrisLites> vehicles are in the core book. You can also use Starships in the WOIN book, but it’s not in the Dredd core

<+ChrisLites> yes, it’s intended to model the comic

<+ChrisLites> fast, shooty, people dying in horrible ways from Lawgivers

<+ChrisLites> Dodging, strafing, etc.

<+ChrisLites> Lightning Reflexes

<~Dan> Ah. So lots of John Woo stuff… until you get hit?

<+ChrisLites> yes, but some characters can take the hit

<+ChrisLites> a Judge has good armor, for example

<+ChrisLites> and the Viking, Wulf, is very big and Conan-like, so he can take a beating

<+ChrisLites> PCs are not as vulnerable as the average perp

<+ChrisLites> Judges are outnumbered in Mega City-1 so they have to be better

<~Dan> Do you have “mook rules,” or are the PCs just plain tougher using the same rules?

<+ChrisLites> Yes, Perps are like mooks

<+ChrisLites> dangerous in numbers, bascially

<~Dan> How does that manifest in the rules? Do they just take less damage?

<+ChrisLites> They are simpler than full on NPCs

<+ChrisLites> lower stats and lack of deep specializing and such

<+ChrisLites> so, your gangers would be simple stat blocks, but your gang leader could be more fleshed out

<~Dan> Gotcha. So it’s not like Feng Shui mooks, that operate using a different damage mechanic altogether?

<+ChrisLites> No it’s not a different mechanic altogether.

* ~Dan nods

<+ChrisLites> It’s been awhile since I played Feng Shui

<~Dan> Going back to mutations for a moment, I’m guessing that we’re talking totally gonzo Gamma World-style mutations?

<+ChrisLites> the supplements also have adventures in them in addition to setting material and new mechanics

<~Dan> Oh, that’s cool!

<+ChrisLites> They are fairly gonzo. I wouldn’t say they are as gonzo as most iterations of Gamma World.

<~Dan> Hmm. Can you give some examples from those featured in the core rules?

<+ChrisLites> Like 7th edition had robots demons and such

<+ChrisLites> Mutations are detailed in Cursed Earth

<+ChrisLites> the core doesn’t focus on Mutants

<+ChrisLites> though they have Mutant NPCs

<+ChrisLites> but if you want to play a mutant, get Cursed Earth

<~Dan> (wb, GrimmgardTodd!)

<~Dan> ChrisLites: Ah, I see.

<~Dan> What does Robot Wars add?

<+ChrisLites> in the basic world, Mega City-1, mutants are banned. So, you mostly find them in the cursed earth of the underground

<+ChrisLites> generally

<+Crazy-Cabal> Can you join the Kingdom of the Burger Barons?

<+ChrisLites> Robot Wars adds the Robots, of course, and the whole Robot Wars storyline, plus two adventures, one of which follows the story from the Progs the other which does not

<+ChrisLites> You could join them if you GM lets you

<~Dan> What are the Progs?

<+FreeGamer> Bam!

<~Dan> (Howdy, FreeGamer!)

<+FreeGamer> (Oh, um . . . bam!)

<+ChrisLites> progs are what they called the cmic strips in 2000 AD

<+ChrisLites> so an episode was a “Prog”

<~Dan> Ah, cool.

<+ChrisLites> and the game supplements each cover a spate of Progs that makes up an Arc

<~Dan> Gotcha.

<+ChrisLites> and, given the series is 40 years old, there are a lot of progs

<+ChrisLites> so plenty of material

<~Dan> Heh. I can imagine. 🙂

<~Dan> Will the other settings be stand-alone, or will they require the Judge Dredd core to play?

<+ChrisLites> it’s really incredible how popular has become

<+ChrisLites> they will require the core only

<+ChrisLites> but it’s all compatible

<+ChrisLites> under the WOIN system

<+ChrisLites> which is great for Dredd, because series includes just about everything

<+ChrisLites> as mentioned, Dinosaurs!

<~Dan> 😀

<+ChrisLites> Demons!

<+ChrisLites> Possession!

<+ChrisLites> Judge Death!

<~Dan> Seems like I read somewhere that there are costumed vigilantes in Mega-City 1. Or did I imagine that?

<+ChrisLites> it’s insanely weird, but humorous enough that people don’t have to feel as if they must take everything seriously like in hard sci-fi

<+ChrisLites> That’s probably why I loved it when I first read it

<+ChrisLites> It’s a stew of pop-culture, commentary, lunacy, and over-the-top violence

* ~Dan nods

<+ChrisLites> I’m trying to think of a storyline they DIDN’T try at one point. Nothing comes to minf.

<+ChrisLites> mind

<~Dan> Am I remembering correctly about the vigilantes?

<+ChrisLites> oh yes… a satire on super-heroes

<+ChrisLites> yes, there are wacky vigilantes

<+ChrisLites> the Judges do not like them

<~Dan> Do any of them have actual powers, or are they all Batman types?

<+ChrisLites> Dredd’s world is, to borrow a phrase, like Disneyland with the penalty

<+ChrisLites> mostly Batman types but not all

<+ChrisLites> some are delusional

<~Dan> (I know Dredd wasn’t pleased with Batman…)

<+ChrisLites> no he was not

<+ChrisLites> that was a great crossover, thogh

<+ChrisLites> though

<+ChrisLites> I had to sell mine back when.

<~Dan> How much do Judge players have to know about the laws of Mega-City 1 in order to portray the character properly?

<~Dan> (Howdy, Lee!)

<+ChrisLites> you can wing that

<+Lee> Howdy! Sorry I’m late!

<+ChrisLites> no one will make you read a Lawbook

<+ChrisLites> plus, the law is pretty much what the Judges say and nearly everything is illegal

<~Dan> Well, I mean, could a Judge get away with blowing someone away for loitering?

<+ChrisLites> there is, of course, a legal code, but there’s soooo much that is proscribed by the city

<+ChrisLites> you would likely get investigated by special division for that

* ~Dan nods

<+ChrisLites> but you could easily serve time in an iso-cube for loitering

<~Dan> In the time remaining, is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to bring up?

<+ChrisLites> I’d like to thank everyone for coming and extend an invitation to find me on Facebook and tell me anything you’d like to see from the line

<~Dan> Standard reminder: Gratuities are welcome at (Link: https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/the-gmshoes-tip-jar/)https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/the-gmshoes-tip-jar/ 🙂

<~Dan> Thanks very much for joining us, ChrisLites!

<+ChrisLites> thanks for having me again, Dan!


You can follow Dan and keep up to date with his interviews and articles over on his web page Random Worlds

My many thanks once again to Dan for allowing me to repost this transcript and to Chris for a great informative chat!

You can buy both the Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD core rules and first campaign book The Robot Wars in PDF format right now, and if you would like to know more about the game and it’s system What’s  Old is New (WOIN) then check out the official website HERE and why not show some love to Rebellion and find out more about the Galaxies Greatest Comic book 2000AD HERE.  Zarjaz!

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