Kreelers for Strontium Dog Miniatures Game (Warlord Games)

Its been a good while since we have had an update for the excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game from out good friends down Nottingham way, Warlord Games.  That said we got a sneak peek at an upcoming unit recently in the form of The Kreelers!

The Kreelers are a bunch of hired security thugs and low life’s who have a passionate hatred for mutants, finding them to be foul and below scum.  They were recruited by the notorious Nelsen ‘Bunker’ Kreelman, an ultra fascist bigot who rose through the political ranks to a position of high power where he could control the fate of millions of mutants who lived in the ghettos and slums of what remained of the irradiated United Kingdom.

The Mutant Army rose up in direct opposition of Kreelmans draconian laws and soon all out war broke out as they fought against the well armed but poorly trained Kreelers, named after Kreelman himself.  They terrorised the poor mutants who already had things bad enough and soon became the defacto police of the UK.  Once the war was over and the Search/Destroy agency was formed, they Kreelers were disbanded and replaced by a real police force.

The one thing that the Kreelers never knew the real secret that their bigoted leader held closer than anything, that he was the biological father of Johnny Alpha, one of the young leaders of the Mutant Army, who ashamed of his mutant son locked him away till he was a teenager. Johnny ran away and was soon taken in by the Mutant Army and quickly became a leader and a major thorn in the side of his fathers plans.

This new expansion features five excellent detailed white metal miniatures and will come with the cards and equipment to use them in the game. And I will bring information as soon as I can get it.  I have a lot planned for the game for the next few months as I now have everything from Wave 1 painted, just a matter of finding the time to get things done I guess, but keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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