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Star Wars: Clone Wars Legion first expansions. Fantasy Flight Games

So with the announcement last week of the new stand-alone version of the excellent Star Wars Legion, fans were naturally eager to see what Fantasy Flight Games had in store for the new system.

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7TV Apocalypse – Crooked Dice Games

7TV Apocalypse is a tabletop skirmish wargame inspired by the many apocalyptic spectacles of television and cinema!  Hurtle across the tabletop in bikes, muscle cars, and trucks or fight as survivors, mutants, raiders, angels or zombies at the end of … Continue reading

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Shane Rimmer: Obituary

It is with a sad heart that we hear of the passing of a true legend of film and television, Shane Rimmer.

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Dystopian Age: The Lost World Exodus. Warcradle Studios

As you may have guessed by now, I love pulp fiction. I’m not talking about the movie, rather the high action, high fantasy novels of the early years of last century. One of my favourite authors of all time is … Continue reading

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