Dark Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the last of the Fox X-Men movies, now that the rights have gone back to Marvel and their parent company Disney; has been met with a lot of apathy, following on from the disaster that was Apocalypse!

The trailers released in 2018 did very little to alleviate fans speculation that this was going to be a disastrous finale for the franchise, being well to be honest meh!  There was not much to write home about and the trailers showcased very little to draw the attention, until now!

Recently the last trailer for the movie was released and shows the movie in a whole new light.  Dark and foreboding with the death of at least one major character, like the proverbial Phoenix the trailer helps the movie rise up from the ashes!

Sophie Turner shines as Jean Grey and her scenes really do stand out.

The release date for the movie has been put back several times now and the extra few months seems grace seems to have worked extremely well and we are hopefully going to get a polished Swan Song as we say goodbye to the characters. There are lots if nods to the comic book origins of the Phoenix Saga and subtle references to X-Men: The Last Stand littered throughout the trailer and hopefully the movie will deliver!


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is in cinemas world wide  June 6th.

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