Q-Con is BACK!

It was a emotional rollercoaster last year at Q-Con, one of the best run conventions in the whole of the UK, as it held its final event at the legandray Queens Student Union (SU) buildings in Belfast!  The show has been a huge part of my life for so long now that this year was not only going to be difficult without the con, but I was going to miss my extended family over in Belfast more than words can express. Continue reading

John Carter of Mars Collectors Slipcase Edition, now available! Modiphius Entertainment

There was a time when Pulp was huge news, hundreds of magazines and books dedicated to the craft of telling high fantasy adventures that sprung from the page into the readers imagination!  With characters such as Conan, Tarzan and Flash Gordon, these stories defined a generation and would influence writers, artists and movie makers alike down the years. Continue reading