Judgement Day Dawns! (EN Publishing)

The day is coming and fast too!

KIckstarter Pledge Arrives

This week, the shipping company sent out a test shipment to me. This was just so I could check everything was working according to plan, check the packing was OK, all that fun stuff. I am pleased to report that my shipment, the first official reward fulfilment, arrived exactly as intended this morning and looks fantastic. This is the exact process that your rewards will be sent by.

What does that mean? It means I have now told the shipping company that everything is a go, the light is green, we have lift-off! They have the final shipping spreadsheet, so as of Monday they’ll begin packing up your Kickstarter rewards and shipping them out.

So at this stage, it’s just a question of keeping your eyes on your mailboxes! They’re on their way! Delivery time will vary depending on where you are, of course.

I do hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Here’s what mine looks like.

– Morrus

Don’t forget to check if your details for the pledge manager are correct and contact the guys is you think they are wrong or something is amiss.

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