A look at Playmats.eu (Guest Blog Alif Cheng)

If you are a tabletop gamer, then you will have at some point either built your own table, or are planning on doing so.  Tables can be as simple or complex as you wish, my first table was little more than a green bed sheet cut down to size, and laid over a pile of books to form hills.

These days though there are lots of options available to those just starting out, or with a pretty tight budget.  In this article our good friend Alif Cheng from Tabletop Cashback, takes a look at Playmats.eu, so without further ado its over to Alif!

Creating a Wargaming Table is a challenging task. Even if you know what you are doing, it requires skill, effort and a fair bit of money. Many also forget that with a gaming table, you also need to deal with storage issues.

Gaming Mats have been around since people have started using it for Trading Card Games (TCG). Similar to a large mousepad, it enhances gaming experience for TCG players whilst also provide an added layer of protection for their cards.

Many years ago, one company have learnt to use the right technology to get detailed art printed on an oversized rubber mat for Wargaming. This relatively affordable solution took the Wargaming scene by storm. Now, gaming clubs don’t have to spend so much to get beautiful wargaming tables created. It also simplifies logistics a fair bit for Tournament Organisers. Players now can game in the comfort of their own home and once done, roll up the gaming mat neatly for storage.

As someone who is looking to improve my gaming experience, I have decided to invest in a Gaming Mat from a supplier called playmats.eu.

On their website, I found the design I wanted but not knowing which material is right for me, I proceeded to contact playmats.eu. They offered to send samples over and when it arrived, it greatly helped in my decision to choose what suited my needs.

I chose the Rubber (mousepad) Gaming Mat and the checkout experience on site was easy. When my package arrived, I can see the packing was handled with care as there were no signs of significant damage visible.

Impressively, the Gaming Mat was well protected inside as it came with a long hard tube that can be used for storage purposes. On the underside, the gaming mat was built with a high quality rubber similar to what you see on PC Gaming mousepads.

Playmats.eu takes pride in their printing technology. As I laid out the mat, I can see why. The details on it can be seen finely printed in high resolution. Most importantly, the pixelation effect was not obvious.

It was fairly easy to lay out the mat flat and flushed to the ground. The mat also did not slip of its position once so. Because of this, I can foresee myself not needing to spend lots of time setting this gaming mat/table up prior to a game.

Having played on other Gaming Mats before, one of the things I took note was how slippery my Miniatures were on the other Gaming Mats. The Miniatures slide easily and this impacts the precision of model movement. Thankfully, the Gaming Mat from playmats.eu is not as slippery. It took me a fair bit of force before the Miniature started slipping.

Gladly, the Gaming Mat was also quite photogenic when terrain with the right theme was placed on it. With added flock and shrubs, the gaming mat can give a very cinematic feel to a Battle Report.

As you can see in the center of the pic above, I have also bought 2D terrains from playmats.eu to test it out. While the print quality was high, the 2D terrain slipped easily despite it being advertised with non-slip features. Upon further inspection, the material used underside was a layer of foam; similar to the cheaper mousepads in the market. I am not sure if this is a standard, but for some of my friends, its anti-slip capabilities were sufficient.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Gaming Mat and pre-sale service I got from playmats.eu despite being one of the cheaper Gaming Mats supplier in the market. Besides Warhammer 40k, they also provide Gaming Mats with sizes for 40k Kill Team, X-Wing, Guild Ball, Age of Sigmar Champions, Legend of the Five Rings, etc.

Even better, playmats.eu is now on Tabletop Cashback <>! When you go to Tabletop Cashback and buy from playmats.eu, you get cashback!

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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