New from the Doghouse

A wee while back I posted details of the latest expansion for Warlord Games excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game. The Kreelers I have already covered in that post, but now we have two brand new units available to pre order.

First up we have The Mutant Army Generals, five excellent miniatures that represent some of the more famous leaders of the infamous Mutant Army, that rose up to lead the fight against the fascist and corrupt government that had more or less declared mutants lower than second class citizens which were a cancer on humanity.

The fight for freedom for mutants was a hard and tenuous one and soon men who had the talent and natural ability to lead others began to organise a resistance that would grow into the Mutant Army!

It was the Mutant Army that became home to mutant teenager John Kreelman, who was the runaway son of the fascist politician Nelson Bunker Kreelman. Changing his name to Alpha, a reflection on the strange powers that warped his body, Johnny Alpha would rise through the ranks of the fledgling army and become one of its most famed leaders.

Though Alpha was a natural born leader, wasn’t the only one to lead the uprising and gureilla factions had sprang up all over the UK with each being lead by an inspiring mutant general.  Studs Boyce was the leader of the Midlands fighter, Clacton Fuzz led the South East division while Evans the Fist led those from Wales. The Torso from Newcastle led the Tyne and Weirdies while the general in command of all the factions, cells and divisions was General Armz!






These five leaders arfe now available to pre-order for the game, adding an extra element of play to the game.


Joining them on pre order is the Law Enforcement set, made up from three inter galatic beat cops, the kind that can be found on most backwards planets, often corrupt and on the take.

These two new sets join the KreelersKreelers on pre order now. Head on over to Warlord Games and grab yours now!

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