Twelfth Doctor Who and Companions Expansion. Warlord Games

If you have been following Gamers Web for a while now, you may have noticed that I have recently started to collect the miniatures from Warlord Games Doctor Who Miniatures Game. 

I have loved Doctor Who for a very long time, coming on for around 50 years now, and to be able to get some great miniatures and a good game to play them with is something of a godsend to be honest.  And though I do like the new version of the show, I am really more interested in the older series of my youth.

That said I was looking through eBay listings last week and noticed a seller was selling the 12th Doctor and Companions set, along with The Silence expansion.  I put a bid in and was the only person to bid on this item and won it for less than the price of the Doctor expansion alone, including postage and they arrived a couple of days ago so this is my review of the miniatures and their use in game.

The expansion contains the Twelfth Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi, plus companions Jenny Flint, Madame Vastra, Clara Oswald and Strax; all packaged in a nice neat box as usual, with an internal sleeve that gives more information on each of the models in the box, even on the Doctors Sonic Sunglasses!

There are no cards for the miniatures game included in this expansion, but if you have already bought the game, then you already have the cards as they are all in the core set.

The Twelfth Doctor here is dressed in his rockstar gear, complete with his strangely odd Sonic Sunglasses and his electric guitar which Peter Capaldi wanted the story writers to write in that it was a gift from the late Jimi Hendrix, but was never made cannon within the show.

He stands with his arm on his hip and looks every bit the rockstar and ready for action.  The fluidity of the sculpt is great and the facial detail is an amazing rendering of the actors face.  Of the two miniatures of the Twelfth Doctor available so far, this is by far and wide the better version.

Of course the Doctor would not really be much without his companions joining him on his never ending adventures, and this Doctor is no exception.  Its not unknown in the history of the show for a companion from one Doctor to cross into the next Doctors regeneration (when he becomes gravely ill or is dying the Doctor has the ability to undergo a metamorphoses into a new body, hence a new actor can take on the role MARC), Sarah Jane Smith stayed with the Fourth Doctor after the Third Doctor regenerated and likewise so did Rose Tyler with the Ninth and Tenth respectively.  However the Twelfth Doctor seems to have an over abundance of left over companions who can’t cut the ties and has not one but four with him.

Clara Oswald is the ‘Impossible Girl’, a young woman that the Doctor meets in the far distant future, who somehow seems to be following him through time.  From the future to a Victorian nanny, to a 21st Century school teacher, Clara goes by a few different names but is always the same face and often will say to the Doctor ‘Run you clever boy!’  She is inserted into the Doctors timeline and has saved him countless times, even influencing him to steal the TARDIS he loves so much, as he was going to go for another one as he escaped his homeworld.  First joining the Eleventh Doctor, Clara stayed around well into the Twelfth Doctors adventures, almost breaking his hearts when she finally left.

The Clara miniature features the character wearing a light jumper, slacks and a blouse and is a very good rendering of the actress Jenna Louise Coleman, with great facial details.  She is posed in a very static stance but the lines of animation convey the fact that she is most likely talking to someone, perhaps the Doctor!  All around a great model but seeing as she is my least favorite character in the new version of the show, not one I am too fussed about

Another holdover from the Eleventh Doctor was the Paternoster Gang, an unlikely bunch of characters that featured a Silurian detective, her assassin wife, and her Sontaran butler, who solve crimes in Victorian England.

Madame Vastra is the leader of the Paternoster Gang and is often referred to as the Veiled Detective due to the fact that she often wears a large veil over her face to hide the fact that she is in reality a Silurian; a humanoid creature that is descended from the dinosaurs. Her reptilian heritage gives her great strength and speed and she is a very formidable warrior and excellent swords woman, but its her razor sharp mind that is often called for and she was the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle to create Sherlock Holmes! She was responsible for hunting down Jack the Ripper and bringing him to justice, by which I mean she ate him, shes a dinosaur after all!

The character is depicted in her action gear, rather than a Victorian dress, and is bedecked in tight fitting leather trousers and top, complete with boots, belts and an array of pouches.  She looks very much like an adventurer and is ready for anything. The pose sees her in a stance about to draw her sword from the sheath on her shoulder and the animation is superb, very dynamic lines and great attention to detail.  Seen her without her veil, Vastra looks imposing with her chiseled reptilian looks, and the facial detail and animation is among the best in the entire range!

While Madame Vastra is the brains behind the Parternoster Gang, she is not alone, and always by her side is her loyal partner and wife Jenny!  Jenny Flint normally appears as a housemaid to the detective, in fact that is what the world in general thinks she is, but in reality she is her lover and wife, something that was frowned upon during the Victorian era, so to the outside world this charade is kept up.  Jenny is an excellent swords woman and is only equaled by her wife, and though she is from the 19th Century she has very little problems with using alien or modern technology and seems totally relaxed with things that would normally freak out other humans from her time era.  Jenny has fought alongside the Doctor many times, her housemaids dress often replaced for body fitting leather trousers and top with a tight bodice and daggers and swords close to hand.

The miniature is in a very fluid stance, poised ready for action and about to leap to the aid of her lover or her friends, or deliver a fatal blow to an enemy.  Detail on the miniature is great, though the short sword she has in her hand on my model was quite bent and needed to be straightened out before I could prime it.  An easy enough task to do however!

The final miniature in the set is one of my favorite characters from the new version of the show, the former Sontaran general Strax!  Strax was a military commander in the service of his warrior race the Sontarans and rose to the rank of general quickly.  He failed to defeat the Doctor and as punishment was demoted and made to be a field medic, something that is the opposite of what the warlike clone race live for! Disgraced Strax was eventually found by Vastra and Jenny and recruited to join them on Earth and took on the role of butler and manservant to the Veiled Detective.  Like all of his race Strax has a unique look to him with a dome shaped head, making him stand out, but nobody in Victorian London seems to bat an eye whenever he is around for some reason.  Strax normally dresses fitting to his role as a butler and is more often than not seen wearing a three piece suit and tie, rather than his battle armour.  That said he is still a very formidable warriour and deadly in combat with most forms of weapons.  Strax also has a habit of letting is old nature take hold of his new station and will often add odd comments to mundane situations such as a shopping list for groceries may include, eggs, milk, bread and thermal quantum grenades!

Strax also has a real problem identifying genders among humans which makes him a very comedic character and a real fan favorite.

The miniature has Stax in his manservant gear, complete with tie and rolled up newspaper (which he must be taking to the Madame).  He still retains the potato like head of his race with features that clearly are based on the character and has one hand outstretched as if ordering someone.  Animation is great and this is a lovely looking model of a great character.

Rounding off the expansion are five plastic bases to mount your miniatures on.  Overall the set was relatively flash free and had very little clean up to do any of the models, other than a very small sliver on a couple of them.  As you can see from the video they are great looking wee models and ideal to add an extra element to your game! The Into the Time Vortex official site has full painting details and colour schemes for each of the models and is a great source for painting your figures up!

The Twelfth Doctor and Companions Expansion set is available from Warlord Games directly or from all good games stockist now!

Images ©Warlord Games all rights reserved

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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