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Games Workshop is well known for their amazing miniatures and in-depth game systems, with tomes and tomes of background information.  They update their games constantly and almost every year they release a Battlebox, a selection of miniatures that will allow you to build up two forces to fight against each other.

This years Battlebox is in the shape of Shadowspear, and features 35 excellently sculpted plastic miniatures, from the Space Marine and Chaos factions and is an ideal jumping in point for those new to the game, or wishing to expand on their existing armies! Better yet, why not team up with a friend and split a copy each so you get double the value!

As you can see from the video this set is ideal as a starting point and comes complete with mini codexes for both the Chaos and Space Marine Vanguard forces.

Here is a full break down of the contents of Shadowspear!

Shadowspear campaign book
A 24-page softback book containing:

– War Zone Vigilus: a brief history of this embattled sentinel world and the events leading up to the arrival of Abaddon’s infamous Black Legion
– Into the Void: introduces the Vanguard Space Marines and the forces of the Black Legion that they uncovered on Nemendghast
– War for Nemendghast – describes the war fought between Strike Force Shadowspear and the Daemonkin warband led by Master of Possession Vorash
– Game Rules & Missions: this section includes a tree campaign consisting of six Crucible of War missions inspired by the story explored earlier in this book

Codex: Vanguard Space Marines
A 24-page softback book containing:

– Vanguard forces: a detailed background section on the Vanguard Space Marines, their bespoke wargear, heraldry and military role
– Datasheets: for the six new characters and units in the set
– Obscuration Discipline: a new psychic discipline unique to Vanguard Librarians
– Sons of the Primarch: Chapter Tactics, Warlord Traits and points values for the Vanguard Space Marine models, weapons and wargear

Codex: Daemonkin
A 24-page softback book containing:

– Daemonkin: a detailed background section on the Daemonkin, their bespoke wargear, heraldry and military role
– Datasheets: for the five new characters and units in the set
– Malefic Discipline: a new psychic discipline unique to Chaos Space Marines
– The Lost and the Damned: Legion Traits, Warlord Traits and points values for the Daemonkin models, weapons and wargear

Citadel Miniatures
35 single-pose plastic miniatures:

Vanguard Space Marines
– 1 Captain in Phobos armour, equipped with a master-crafted instigator bolt carbine and a camo cloak
– 1 Librarian in Phobos armour, equipped with a force sword, holstered bolt pistol, camo cloak and psychic hood
– 1 Lieutenant in Phobos armour equipped with a master-crafted occulus bolt carbine, grav-chute and pair of combat knives
– 3 Suppressors (including a Suppressor Sergeant) equipped with accelerator autocannons and a grav-chutes
– 3 Eliminators (including an Eliminator Sergeant) equipped with bolt sniper rifles and camo cloaks
– 10 Infiltrators (including an Infiltrator Sergeant and Infiltrator Helix Adept) equipped with bolt carbines

Daemonkin Chaos Space Marines
– 1 Master of Possession equipped with force stave and holstered bolt pistol
– 1 Venomcrawler equipped with a soulflayer, two excruciator cannons, tendrils and eviscerating claws
– 2 Obliterators equipped with fleshmetal guns and crushing fists
– 2 Greater Possessed equipped with a variety of daemonic mutations
– 10 Chaos Space Marines (including an Aspiring Champion with chainaxe and plasma pistol), 3 with boltguns, 4 with bolt pistol and chainsword, 1 with plasma gun, and 1 with autocannon

Also included are 2 transfer sheets – 1 Ultramarines Vanguard Space Marines sheet and 1 Black Legion icons sheet – and a fold-out Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules sheet.

Shadowspear is available right now.  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!

This video was brought to you in partnership with the best place to get all your games and miniatures needs

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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