Silence is Golden! Warlord Games

There are monsters that some people find scary, from vampires and Frankenstein’s creature, to zombies and aliens.  Mostly they are actors in suits or covered in prosthetics, but horror delves deep into the imagination of the viewer and makes something far more sinister.Since its relaunch and revamp in 2005, Doctor Who has more than its far share of scary moments and some truly horrific creatures too. From the Empty Child, to the Vashta Nerada, these creatures can give us cause to think twice when we open a door into a darkened room after just watching them on our televisions, even creatures such as the Weeping Angels can make you do a double take whenever you are in a church or graveyard.

But of all the creatures in New Who, one of the most terrifying is the ones simply known as The Silents!

The Silence walked among mankind since he first took steps from the caves, and have been slowly manipulating humanities development for their own needs and goals.  A religious sect from the far future, they use their technology to further their own goals and one of which was to kill the Eleventh Doctor to prevent him from fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Among their many creations down the centuries, the most terrifying is the genetically engineered confessional priests known only as The Silents!  These creatures are truly horrific to look upon with impossibly large bodies, gangly and thin to the point of emaciation, with limbs that appear way to large for their body and a face that is mouthless which looks more akin to a misshapen skull!

The thing that makes the Silents truly horrific and terrifying is that they have the ability to become memory proof, meaning that you only know that they are there and exist when you can actually see them.  If you turn away they vanish not just from sight, but also from memory as well, something would often lead those who had encountered them to make tallies on their bodies for everyone they saw, so when they saw the tallies they would remember them!

Add to this their ability to plant hypnotic suggestions deep into the human brain, and fire electrical charges from their hands and you have an opponent that is very dangerous indeed!

Not the kind of creature you would want to take home to meet your folks, as they wouldn’t remember him once they looked away!

The Silence expansion features three white metal miniatures of these scary priests. All three of the miniatures are cast in white metal (pewter) and are detailed, in as much as you can add detail to what is little more than a man in a suit.

The detail on the faces and hands however is outstanding and they look very much like they would kill you in a heartbeat and in the game they are pretty much deadly!

Two of the miniatures are posed with their arms down, while the third has his arm extended and raised as if firing his electrical discharge at some poor victim, and all three are dressed in their suit, with shirt and tie as seen in the show.

This pack doesn’t come with any cards for the game, as they are already presented with the core game itself, and as you can see by the video they are pretty much deadly in combat.

They have an ability that allows them to make extra moves if nobody is facing them, and given that they have a move value of 6″ they can cover a lot of distance very quickly, especially if they move in the shooting phase too.  In essence they could move 18″ per turn if nobody has line of sight to them which makes them the fastest unit in the game so far!

They have the keyword Agent on their card which means that they can team up with more or less any faction in the game, though they are most frequently associated with the Papal Mainframe, a team up with The Daleks would make them really difficult to beat!

The Silence Expansion set is available from Warlord Games directly or from all good games stockist now!

Images ©Warlord Games all rights reserved

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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