Star Wars Legion:Clone Wars Core Set Announced. Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars Legion was one of the runaway winners of 2018, the game changer of Star Wars miniature games.

The game has gained a legion (pun intended) of fans worldwide and last year it was announced that a spin off of the game set in the prequel era would be released in 2019/20.

Now Fantasy Flight Games have just announced a whole new look on Legion and we have even got to see some of the games miniatures.

Star Wars Legion Clone Wars Core Set will let you recapture the large scale feel of the prequel movies, and will come as a complete stand alone game, that will run side by side with the regular Legion universe.

Featuring General Obi-Wan Kenobi as the commander of the Galactic Republics forces, and the vile and sinister  General Grievous  as the commander of the  Separatist Alliance and his army of droids!

Coming with everything you need to play, and featuring 39 all new excellent looking miniatures, Star Wars Legion: Clone Wars Core Set is due to be released in the third quarter of 2019.

There is a lot to be said about the look of the prequels and I am really looking forward to seeing the battle droids and clone troopers on the tabletop. Grievous looks amazing and so does Kenobi and though I collect and play Rebel Alliance in Legion normally, I am really tempted to collect both factions.  Who know I may even get Gungans!

Star Wars Legion: The Clone Wars Core set is on pre-order from Fantasy Flight Games right now.  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!

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