John Carter Resources.

Now that John Carter of Mars is finally out and the game is getting much love from Modiphus Entertainment, I thought that I would write a b9rief resources page, in much the same way I did for Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Here you will find links to videos and walkthroughs, as well as other things that will aid both player and narrator alike.


Easiest and perhaps the best place to start off with is the novels on which the game is based and inspired by.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

The creator of John Carter and an extremely prolific author, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote over 60 novels and hundreds of short stories over the decades he was active and he is perhaps best known for his other heroic character Lord Greystoke who is perhaps better known as Tarzan.  All of the John Carter books are still extremely popular over a hundred years since the first novel saw print, and are readily available in most book stores or online.

Given the nature of the digital age that we live in, you can also download them for Ereaders and in audio book format.  I have listed them chronologically so you know which comes after which as it can get a little confusing at times.

Chronological Reading Order

From the first book A Princess of Mars published in 1917, to the final book John Carter of Mars first published in 1941, the wonders of Barsoom (the Martian name for Mars) have delighted generations of readers, myself included and have spawned many imitations and homages down the years.

A Princess of Mars

The book that started it all.  Former Confederate officer James Carter finds himself transported to Mars, where he must fight for his very survival

(1917) Paperback


The Gods of Mars

Carter returns to Barsoom to find his love Dejah Thoris has vanished and must set out on a quest to find her.

(1918) Paperback


The Warlord of Mars

Carter takes his search for Dejah to the North and finds just how dangerous Barsoom can truly be

(1919) Paper back


Thuvia, Maid of Mars

Follows the adventures of Cartoris the son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris

(1920) Paperback  eBook
The Chessmen of Mars

Follows the adventures of Carter, Thoris and their daughter Tara

(1922) Paperback  eBook
The Master Mind of Mars

Follows the adventures of Earthborn Ulysses Paxton on Barsoom

(1927) Paperback  eBook
A Fighting Man of Mars

Follows the adventures of Tan Hadron as recounted by Paxton from the previous novella

(1930) Paperback  eBook
Swords of Mars

A return to the tales of John Carter and his wife Dejah Thoris

(1934) Paperback  eBook
Synthetic Men of Mars

Follows the adventure of Vor Daj a new character and features Carter and Thoris

(1938) Paperback  eBook
Llana of Gathol

A collection of novellas featuring John Carters granddaughter Liana

John Carter of Mars

A collection of short stories and a thesis on John Carter in later editions




  Paperback  eBook 


Paperback  eBook

Please note that the above books vary in prince from a few pence or cents to many dollars or pounds depending on the rarity of the book.  Also there are several collections of the books available at very low prices so shop around!

John Coleman Burroughs

Son of Edgar Rice Burroughs and a very talented artist in his own right, John Coleman Burroughs created a long running series of comic strips from 1941-1943 based on his fathers works you can find out more about John (Jack) and his work by clicking HERE

Audio Books

To date there have been several audio books of the novels released, some outstanding, others bland.  A lot of copies of Princess of Mars seem to be the most popular with at least half a dozen versions around.  Audible has a full listing of all their currently available audiobooks in the Barsoom series

Comic Books.

There have been dozens of comic books of the years dedicated to the worlds of Barsoom, to numerous to mention here, but during the 1970’s Marvel comics published a whole slew of comics with amazing artwork by Gil Kane and written by Marv Wolfman. DC comics also did a few crossover stories in their Tarzan series too.

Film and Television

To date there have been several attempts to bring John Cater to the small screen, but sadly none have managed to rise above development hell.  With a brand new Conan television series in the works right now, Witcher about to get its own series on Netflix and the long awaited Lord of the Rings television show due to air in 2020, now may be a very good time to see a return to Barsoom!

John Carter (2012 Disney Studios)

This is the straw that broke the camels back and one that almost crippled the mighty Disney empire.  With a budget of $306 million (US) and a global gross of only $284 million (US) the movie was deemed a bomb, despite being a visually stunning piece of cinema and it failed dramatically at the box office.

Most of this was down to the marketing of the movie which was simply called John Carter, though the movie itself has its own loyal fanbase, and its depiction of the characters, especially Wula and Tars Tarkas are spot on.  Sadly the chances of any sequel died with the box office returns.

This is most likely your introduction to the character of John Carter and since its release onto home entertainment it has gained something of a cult following.  Due to the nature of Disney movies the nudity and violence that appears in the novels was considerably toned down and diluted.


Given the nature of Barsoom and John Carter, there have naturally been lots of artists who have cut their teeth on this high concept fantasy pulp.  From the Art of John Carter Movie Book (highly recommended) to works of contempary fantasy artists such as Brom, Frank Frazetta, Chris Achilleos and more have all had their own stab at rendering Barsoom and her inhabitants.

Modiphius Entertainment

Which brings us neatly to our good friends Modiphius Entertainment who currently produce the excellent John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game, a whole series of expanded books, and a range of miniatures to use in the game or as a stand alone tabletop miniatures game.

As well as supporting the game with supplements, miniature releases, and other products; Modiphius have also released a series of videos to get you started in the game itself (below) which are highly recommended viewing.

A live stream will commence at 3pm (BST) on Wednesday April 17th 2019 and once the video has been uploaded to YouTube I will update this page.

Other Resources

This list is by no means an exhaustive one and will be updated as often as I can, but in the meanwhile you can find all of the product line for John Carter of Mars currently available from Modiphius Entertainment by clicking HERE


The John Carter Files


The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs Group

A great group with loads of active members and updates and some truly outstanding artwork.

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