Building a MK III Phantom Disrupter. MIB Cosplay

Greetings Agent.

This document has been classified clear for your level and will increase your understanding of the use of current MIB weapons and technology in the field and allow you to field strip if the need arises a Mk III Phantom Disrupter.

The MK III Phantom Disrupter is a small arms weapon, that despite its stature can pack a powerful punch and is designed to be easily usable by all Agents and in either regular or off hand.  The weapon has three settings, stun, freeze and neural disrupt and can be set to single effect or wide area for large numbers of pacification targets.

Stun will render any organic lifeform with a single to six lobbed brain and central nervous system, incapacitated for between two and six standard galactic hours.  This is the default setting on the MK III and as best practice the one that should be used when deploying the weapon unless the situation calls for more drastic measures.

On freeze, the MK III will emit a cone of negative ion particles which will render the oxygen around a target void, and result in an almost spontaneous depletion of vapour crystals, forcing the target to be encased in a block of ice approximately nine etons thick.  This effect will be suitable for large crowd control situations and is to only be used on authorisation of a senior Agent.

On disrupt the Phantom MK III will send a electro-galvanic pulse shock to the target and scramble their central nervous system to a point that they are rendered unconscious.  The disrupt setting has three levels of power and level three which is lethal to almost all organic lifeforms should again only be used in the strictest of situations and then only the direct authorisation of a senoir Agent.

NB: All Agents who discharge their Phantom MK III on this setting must fill in Form : *99wu8822jasujkad.aikads/1 as soon as they are able to and this form must be completed in triplicate, all sixty-seven pages!

Stripping and assembling your Phantom MK III

The Mark III can be located in most MIB drop caches and access to this weapon is given to all active field Agents.  However, in a push a few simple objects can be store bought to make an alternate facsimile of the Mark III.

You will need

A super soaker

1 can of Matt Black Car Primer

1 can of Silver Car Primer

1 can of Chrome Wheel spray (optional)

Masking Tape

Disposable Gloves (optional)

Scissors (optional)

Step One

First, remove any markings or identifications that the supersoaker may have from the store or place it was purchased.  This will allow anonymity to any third parties and will result in less the need for use of neuraliser.

Once all markings have been removed from the super soaker simply wash the product with warm soapy water and allow to time to dry completely.  This will remove any residue and allow the paint to adhere correctly.


Step Two

In a well-ventilated area, proceed to undercoat the whole super soaker in Matt Black Car Primer.  To do this spray from left to right in a sweeping motion and avoid staying stationary as this will cause pooling effects on the weapon.  Once one side is finished leave the Mark III to dry completely before turning it over and continuing with the other side of the weapon.

Once you have totally finished and now have a completely black gun you will need to move onto the next stage in the process.

Step Three

Using masking tape, gently cover the handle of the gun and any other areas that you wish to remain black.  Masking tape should be of a low tack variety so that it won’t lift any paint below it and once the areas are covered over, you should move onto step four.

Step Four

After covering all areas that need to remain black with masking tape, the weapon should then be primed again using the Silver Car Primer and allowed time to dry.  After the first coat is completely dry, add a second coat of Silver Car Primer to the weapon and again allow time to dry.

Step Five

Once the Sliver Car Primer is totally dry, you need to give a gentle spray of Chrome Wheel Base spray paint or primer.  To do this spray the can at raised surfaces and move away quickly so that it dusts rather than covers the weapon.  This will give a metallic look and sheen as if the plastic of the weapon were metal and also add the look of something heavy.

Step Six

Once the Chrome Wheel Base spray is totally dry, gently remove any masking tape from the body of the weapon and from the hilt.  This should leave the hilt totally black as well as the other areas masked.

Step Seven

You may now use your Phantom MK III.   Remember Agent use your weapon in accordance with Article 89730/333 of the Space Code as failure to do so could result in severe consequences.

Phantom Neural Disrupter MK III Never leave base without one!

In total this entire project cost a grand princely sum of £4.00 and everything was picked up at the Pound store in town (you can use the Dollar Store or country-specific equivalent and still pick up most of the items cheaply).  The two tins of primer and chrome spray are still almost full and can be used for other projects such as a neuroliser (details coming soon) or other weaponry for any MIB cosplay.  Of course, the gun may chip a little due to wear, but its very simple to seal it using normal hair lacquer which can be picked up for under a pound in most supermarkets.  Just cover the entire weapon with the hairspray and leave it too dry completely before use.

Remember though it is very important to spray in a well-ventilated area to avoid any respiratory problems that sprays can bring.  Also, make sure that every step is 100% dry to the touch before moving to the next.  As mentioned you can mask off any areas you wish to keep black, or if you find this too fiddly to do you can always use a rubber glove on your hand when doing the handle and spray above the glove keeping a tight hold, its not as effective but will work, and the handle will mostly be covered by your hand anyways so it doesn’t need to be totally neat and tidy.

You can use this simple technique on a water pistol or gun of any shape or size, from the tiny ones that cost under a pound, to super soakers that cost over £30. Hope this helps someone and happy crafting Agent!

join the Men in Black Cosplay Scotland (just because thats where I am based but anyone is welcome!)

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

2 thoughts on “Building a MK III Phantom Disrupter. MIB Cosplay

  1. Looks fantastic! Is there a reason you chose automotive spray paint instead of any of the other kinds? I am going to attempt this and hopefully recreate your amazing results but wanted to know what kind of spray paint to get.


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