Make Mine Marvel.

April was a hugely busy month with so much going on at work with Easter and Holy Week (I work in a church), my birthday and loads of other things going on. So much so that I totally forgot to post images of the Marvel shoot at Edinburgh Comic Con.

So without further ado, here are the images! The shoot was very quick as we had only ten minutes between the end of Josh Seth’s talk and the start of the amazing movie Akira, so much kudos to all the wonderful cosplayers who posed away and managed to get involved.

Sadly the weather was terrible so we had no other choice but to utilise the space and tiny time slotĀ  we had. I have also included most of the Marvel images that i took during the weekend as well as the few from the shoot.

Please feel free to download any images and use, but if you do could you please credit Marc Farrimond/ Gamers Web.


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