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Star Trek seems to be everywhere these days. From Discovery recently ending its second season and being green lit for a much anticipated third, too filming commencing on the Picard show and of course the recent announcement of a second animated series in the works for Nickelodeon!

Not resting on their laurels Modiphus Entertainment have continued to support the excellent Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game and it was recently put in the top 10 games to play in 2019 coming in at number 5!

There are some excellent adventures already available for the game and recently the release of the core division supplements helped further round out an already strong system.

The Science Division Supplemental Rulebook takes a look at, well the Science Division and its multiple facets that make up the department as a whole.  While there is a militaristic side to Starfleet, it’s main charter is to seek out new life and expand its understanding of the universe through peaceful exploration.  As such many of the vessels in Starfleet are designed for scientific purposes and exploration.

Naturally the word science is used as an umberela catch all when it comes to the division, which comprises of dozens of different branches, from stellar cartography, astrophysics, warp field theory, too surgery, nanotechnology and even temporal study!

So as well as the science officers aboard Starfleet vessels and stations, there are also medical staff, and other branches at all are part of the same division and most often wear the teal coloured uniform that was made famous by both Mr. Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy in the original series of Star Trek!   This has carried on throughout the shows in the franchise and although some officers may vary slightly with the colour of their uniform or undershirt in the case of the newer uniforms, they will predominantly wear the blue/green of their division!

The Science Division supplement gives both players and narrators alike a whole wealth of information to use and get the most from both their games and their characters/npcs.

Covering the origins of the division, as well as detailing its place within the grander picture of the universe, as well as key events such as the first contact between humanity and the Vulcans which led to the stars for mankind and ushered in a new era in a much wider universe!

A hefty tome, the book is fully illustrated and annotated with shout outs from famous characters in Star Trek such as Jean Luc Picard, Julian Bashir, and many more.  As a read on its own it is a wealth of background knowledge for any fan of the long running and much loved series, but when given into the context of gaming it becomes a useful tool for expanding the universe and getting every single lightyear possible out of your characters and it also opens up a lot of whole new possibilities for playing that your players or you as a narrator may not have thought of!

There are dozens of plot hooks and ideas that litter the 131 page book, many of which are presented with all new illustrations created just for the Star Trek Adventures range by Modiphius Entertainment.

Naturally as well as devices  to drive the narrative forward,there are also a lot of NPCs from minor to major ones, some of whom could very easily be used as regular guest stars in your episodes, with each having some background information and enough details to make them instantly usable right off the page!

An  excellent addition to the Star Trek Adventures series of games and a must for any narrator and I can foresee that you will find yourself returning to this book again and again.

Available now from Modiphus Entertainment and all good games stockists, or as a PDF document from!

All images ©Modiphius Entertainment all rights reserved

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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