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Gotham Ends, Batwoman Begins!

Last month saw the end of the cult DC Comics series Gotham, the show that saw the beginnings of Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler. There were also a whole host of characters throughout the shows five season run, but it was the main five characters story.

Season five sees Gotham under siege after being separated from the mainland at the climatic end of season four, and has our  heroes (in this I included both Riddler and Penguin as they both have complex story arcs) must fight for survival as chaos and anarchy reign supreme in Gotham!

The show sees some excellent performances from the entire cast, most notably Robin Lord Taylors Penguin and Corey Michael Smith’s Riddler; who steal every scene they are in, especially when on screen together.  Bruce Wayne evolves from a proto-Batman into the fully rounded hero who would become The Dark Knight, but sadly the final episode doesn’t really feature David Mazouz Bruce Wayne or Carmon Bicovodas Selina Kyle, instead jumps forward to ten years after the events of season fives story arc, with both teenagers now in their late twenties and played by older actors.

All told the show wraps up pretty well and answers some questions from earlier seasons neatly and ends on a final scene that will have most fans squealing with delight at their television set.

So as Gotham bows out, Batwoman sweeps in and the show is set to debut in late 2019 and is part of The CWs Arrowverse series of shows, which includes Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl!

Featuring Ruby Rose (John Wick 2, Ora ge is the new Black) as Kate Kane a cousin of Bruce Wayne who will take up the mantle and don the cowl as Batwoman!  The show also features veteran actor Doug Ray Scott as Kanes father, and will cross over with other shows in the Arrowverse.

The trailer is below

Batman Sparkles?

‌Breaking news as I write this article is that Matt Reeves The Batman has finally found its lead after Ben Affleck stepped away from the project late last year. Now taking up the role of defending Gotham as the Dark Knight is Robert Pattinson best know for his roles in the Harry Potter series of movies and of course as the gloomy vampire Edward Cullan in the Twilight series of movies!

Pattinson is quite a proficient actor when given a good script so could be a good choice, and he already has a legion of loyal fans which will only add to the appeal.

Will Pattinson be able to pull it off? He certainly could make a very convincing Bruce Wayne has he has a charm to him but also a vulnerability to his acting , and if you have seen his performance in Life or Water for Elephants you will know he can act.

UPDATE: I hadn’t even finished typing up this article when Variety broke the news that Robert Pattinson may not be the only contender for the mantle of Caped Crusader as X-Men and Tolkien star Nicholas Hoult is also in the running! Hoult is a serious character actor and has worked on superhero movies before starring in all of the rebooted X-Men movies as Hank McCoy aka The Beast!  Hault also starred in the action adventure road movie Mad Max Fury Road so is no stranger to action movies.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is about to finish its first season and the show has been totally bonkers! A group of misfit people with super powers or abilities set out to search for the man who brought them all together. The plots are insanely simple yet complex and the characters are as zany as the plot.

Though no official announcement has been made as to when the show will broadcast in the UK and Europe, early reports are suggesting that it will most likely air on Netflix in July/August this year.  The second season has not yet been greenlit but chances are that given the success of both this show and its sister show Titans it will very likely get renewed.

Deathstroke the Animated Series

A while ago it was announced that an all new animated series featuring the DC Universes top assassin Deathstroke would be premiering on the CW in 2019

The show may well feature the voice talent of Manu Bennet as the assassin Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke in the other shows in the CWs Arrowverse reprising his role, but as of yet it is unconfirmed.


Swamp Thing

Its just a few weeks away till the latest DC Universe show Swamp Thing debuts  and another trailer has just recently dropped and hints at just how dark the show is going to be.  This short teaser sees lead protagonist Andy Bean as Alec Holland doing research in the deep swamps of the south, and features heavily his partner and wife Abby Holland, played by Gotham star Crystal Reed.

The trailer is below


No official images have been released as of yet but Dick Grayson actor Brenton Thwaites has hinted about his new uniform as he dons the persona of Nightwing.  During season one, Dick burns his Robin costume and seemingly walks away from the hero life for good, but with the rise of Trigon and Dick being brainwashed into thinking he has become a killer, season two will hold a new direction for the character.

Game of Thrones star Iain Glenn will join the cast as Bruce Wayne and Currain Waters will return as Jason Todd and become a series regular.  They are also joined by Esai Morales as Deathstroke who will serve as the main antagonist alongside Trigon played again by Seamus Dick.  Other new characters will include the children of Deathstroke, Chelsea T. Zhang will appear as the assassin Ravager and her mute brother Jericho will be played by Chella Man. Season two will also feature the return of fan favorites Raven (Rachel Roth), Kory Anders (Anna Diop) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service in late 2019.  Expect more news in a few weeks time when San Diego Comic Con drops!

Crisis on Infinite Earths

It was one of the most talked about comic events of the 1980s and changed the face of DC comics for decades to come, and now is about to be retold on the small screen! Crisis on Infinite Earths will feature all of the Arrowverse shows as they fight against the Anti-Monitor a being who wishes all reality to be destroyed so he can be the ruler of what is left!  Well actually he wants to destroy all the infinite realities and just leave the one I guess!

The show will be shown over a five hour window and split into two segments and will feature all of the shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) as they band together to face this cosmic threat.

In the comics the story was made famous for its amazing George Perez artwork, which featured the deaths of two very popular characters, could they meet their ultimate fate in this show?

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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