Bored Games???

Here is another article from our good friend Alif Cheng of Tabletop Cashback on what to do with all those old games and stuff you no longer seem to play.

It is common for people to get bored playing a game after a while, more so when there are no new releases in sight. That exhilaration and thrill when playing the game now just cannot be compared with the time when you first started playing the game.

So what can you do when you are slowly falling out of love on the game you like?

Here are some suggestions to help alleviate that.

Play that model no one plays

Ask any Warmachine Khador players when was the last time they played the Assault Kommandos…

In any game, there will always be that one lackluster unit rules. So why not take up the challenge to make it work? Games will be seen from a whole new perspective and it will even put your tactical acumen to the test. If you even win games with it, you get bragging rights i.e. plus points!

Try out Custom Rules/Scenarios/Objectives

Try out Custom RulesScenariosObjectives

Caption: What if those trees that gives cover are destructible?

Custom Rules like new terrain rules, modifiers, and world-based effects can make a game refreshing as long as it is not overdone. The customisations should not heavily tip the favour on one side but be significant enough to affect gameplay. Mix the core rules up. Best for these are rules involving interactions with the terrain.

Play it right, and you got yourself a winner.

Get a GM to narrate & determine key events during a Narrative Scenario

Walking Dead Narrative Campaign at Adepticon 2019


Whether a big battle or a small skirmish, narrative scenarios usually represent a key event that happened in the fluff. A GM’s role is to not only narrate and execute key events, but to also initiate plot twists that represents the unexpected nature of battle.

With a GM, games can take an unexpected turn midway! However, keep in mind that Narrative Scenarios tend to tip the favour towards one side of the table and not many players are comfortable with that. So be sure to check with the players first if that is okay!

Play Multiplayer Mode

A Warhammer 40k 2v2 Tournament

Tabletop Wargaming is a social game. One of the easiest way to emphasize this point is to play a multiplayer game! 2v2 is the most common and players in the same team can either take their turns simultaneously or separately (depending on the nature of the game). With wider tactical options, games can take a refreshing twist. Some games also have a growing 2v2 tournament scene and your experience in 2v2 games can come in handy!

Another example is to get a 3rd player in your game to affect the outcome of your game. At the end of each turn, the 3rd player is able to do something that can affect both players. That player’s goal to win is to prevent both players from reaching their objectives!

Play on a new Table, new Terrain or with new Accessories

Dice Tray from Wyrmwood Gaming

Playing on a new table with new terrain can make a game exciting in its simplest form. New tables tend to bring the feel of a different setting whilst new terrain can create new interactive experiences.

Making new tables are not as daunting anymore with the rise of high quality printed tabletop gaming mats from companies like,  deep-cut studios, etc and there are many companies now that make premium-grade terrain like Plast Craft Games, 4Ground , and more.

Alternatively, playing with swag premium accessories can up your level of excitement too. For example, Dice Trays & Towers from Wyrmwood Gaming  are made from sturdy, solid wood in a timeless design. Wood materials can be chosen upon purchase and it can even be integrated with Wyrmwood’s Dice Tower. No doubt having this by your side adds a premium feel to your hobby. Word of caution: depending on the company, these can be pricey (e.g. Wyrmwood Gaming products). So do make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before buying!

Some of these suggestions may seem obvious while others not so. One thing is for sure; if you haven’t tried them out yet, you totally should! Not everything would sit well though since every player is different. These are just suggestions and there are many other ways one can do to reignite their love for the game. If you have found something that tickles your fancy, it could very well be the lifeline that stays you in the ‘scene’!

Wargaming Mats and new terrains sound too pricey for you? Check out Tabletop Cashback where you get cashback from buying wargaming stuff online!

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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