Paint the whole world. Games Workshop

The recent announcement of the incoming Contrast Paint System from Games Workshop has caused a lot of controversy and conversation since the announcement was made.

Some gamers and painters are stating that the new paints that shade and highlight at same time is nothing short of a gimmick and just another way for the “Evil Empire” to part you from your money, others jump to the defence of the company claiming that it is a revolutionary idea that will benefit those who use it!

Regardless of where you sit or stand on the Contrast paint agenda, it looks likely that they are here to stay.

To which end Games Workshop have launched a brand new website dedicated to its paint ranges and much more.

The new Contrast Paint System will be launched in June and will feature 34 paints, two spray primers and a Contrast Meduim for thinning your paints if needed, one coat does all.

I will take a look at the new paints just as soon as possible and will put them through their paces, and I am really keen to see how well the Apocaphry l  White Contrast Paint works out on Stormtroopers from Star Wars Legion


Here is a full list of all the paints in the Contrast Paint System range!

Apothecary White

Black Templar

Space Wolves Grey

Gryph-Charger Grey

Basilicanum Grey

Volupus Pink

Blood Angels Red

Flesh Tearers Red

Magos Purple

Shyish Purple

Aethermatic Blue

Leviadon Blue

Ultramarines Blue

Talassar Blue

Terradon Turquoise

Akhelian Green

Dark Angels Green

Militarum Green

Iyanden Yellow

Nazdreg Yellow

Gryph-hound Orange

Snakebite Leather

Cygor Brown

Guilliman Flesh

Fyreslayer Flesh

Darkoath Flesh

Plaguebearer Flesh

Ork Flesh

Skeleton Horde

Aggaros Dunes

Creed Camo

Gore-grunta Fur


Warp Lightning

The primers will be Grey Seer and Wraithbone and both are available as a spray and in a bottle and there will also be a medium that will allow you to thin your paints as they don’t work with water like normal acrylic paint or washes!

Check out this excellent video from Pete the Wargamers YouTube channel and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Pete’s amazing channel folks!


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