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Star Wars Legion has been out for over a year now and has had a great response from gamers all over the world.  The game seems to have hit the right cord with many gamers and Fantasy Flight Games have continued to release characters and units for the game sinces its launch.

One of the first miniatures launched after the initial wave of releases for the game was General Veers, the first Commander expansion for the game and it allowed players to use another leader other than the points heavy Darth Vader in their games, or take two Commanders if they desired to do so.

The wonderful actor Julian Glover as General Maximilian Veers in The Empire Strikes Back!

Maximilian Veers is an Imperial Commander in the Galactic Empire who was in command of the Assault Armour Division that took part in the battle of Hoth.  Veers used his knowledge of the behemoth walkers ATAT (All Terrain Armoured Transports), and tactical use of the ATST walkers (All Terrain Scout Transport) to flush out the rebel troops who had made the ice world of Hoth their current base of operations.

Veers was a tactical genius and used his knowledge of walkers to out smart his opponents and was one of the most successful generals in the Galactic Empire.  Following the battle of Hoth he went on to gain a solid reputation for being a shrewd tactician and was labelled one of the heroes of the Empire following his death.

First appearing in the sequel to Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Veers is seen leading his troops from the front, striding into battle on the huge walkers and attacking the defenses of the fleeing rebels.  With his tactical expertises in ground combat and excellent use of the walkers at his command, Veers managed to rout the rebels and force them to flee Hoth.

The General Veers Commander Expansion for Star Wars Legion, captures the likeness of actor Julian Glover extremely well and is posed in his command uniform, complete with battle armour and helmet.  He is posed with his hand on his hip reaching for his side arm and the other arm raised slightly to balance him.  The animation is good and lines of movement are very fluid and detailed.  I would have preferred to have had the miniature posed with some electronic viewing device or in a more static pose to allow him to be placed in the cockpit hatch of an ATST, though this is a great addition to the collection.

Here is my video look at the expansion

This is not a new miniature by any means and has been out for around a year now, though it is my first chance to be able to review the model and overall I am pretty impressed.

This Commander Expansion comes with the data card for General Veers, three upgrade cards for the character and of course three unique Command cards for Veers himself.  Also included are the tokens you will need to play with the model and a small summary sheet that details how to assemble the miniature and additional rules that have been introduced.

It has taken me a good while to get around to picking up this expansion but I am glad I did, the miniature is pretty crisp and clean with little mould lines and the detail is perfect with a great likeness to actor Julian Glover being wonderfully rendered.  He is captured in his battle armour on his ATAT as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and is poised to draw his pistol from its holster and attack!

Assembly is pretty straight forward with the miniature just consisting of the head, body and two arms, though you must take care when putting the gun arm into place that you attach the gun to the recess along the leg as he is not holding it out stretched.

Looking at the Command Cards and Veers comes with the usual one to three pip cards that can be used in conjunction with other Command Cards in the game (as long as you stick with the rules of seven cards and two of each pip rating and Standing Orders!).

The one pip card is one of the best in the game to date and the Maximum Firepower Command Card allows Veers to perform a devastating attack at the end of his activation.  This attack is representative of an off table barrage from and ATAT directed towards the enemy and with its four red dice damage and range 4 upwards it can be devastating.  Add to that Impact 2 and Immune to Deflect and its a game changing card if used at the right time.

The two pip Command Card is the Evasive Maneuvers card which allows Veers to activate two vehicles under his command with each gaining a Dodge token.  Given that Veers has a predilection for walkers in his force, if you take two ATST’s with Veers that is a hell of a lot of firepower that has now just been given a dodge order, expensive but as Darth Vader would say, ‘Most Impressive!’

The three pip Command Card is Imperial Discipline and affects Veers and two units.  This card allows a friendly unit to Recover when issued an order. great for getting rid of those pesky suppression tokens!

Veers is a bit of an all rounder when it comes to his stats and will be ideal when backed by vehicles!

As for Veers himself?  Well he is a pretty rounded character that will really benefit from being supported by vehicles such as the ATST, or TX-225 GRAVw Tank! He is a movement of Speed 2 which makes him faster than Vader, and has five wounds and a courage of two which is not too bad, but he saves on a red dice, and he surges to crit when rolling to attack.

His E-11 Blaster Rifle is range 1-3 and rolls three white dice and has Pierce 1, and he has two black dice in hand to hand combat.

Veers has the keywords Spotter2 , Inspire 1, Precise 1, Sharpshooter 1, which all add up to make him a pretty nasty opponent to face off against, especially if he has vehicles on the table, and at 80 points he is really cheap when compared to Darth Vader.

Overall I am very impressed with this expansion and once I can clear enough funds I plan on building a themed snowtrooper force around Veers.

The General Veers Expansion is available now from Fantasy Flight Games .  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!

Images © Fantasy Flight Games All Rights Reserved

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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