Contrasting ideas! Games Workshop

Recently it was announced at Warhammer Fest that Games Workshop had a whole new painting system all ready and geared up to take the hobby by storm

Now we have a little more information including a release date!

The pots which we already know will be coming soon are due out on June 15th and will go on pre-order on June 8th and released the following Saturday, June 15th!

There will be 34 pots in the full range and each will be in slightly smaller but fatter pots than the large shade/texture pots (containing 18ml of paint per pot) and best of all they will come in at the same price point of £4.75 per pot!  I was sure that they were going to be a little higher in price, but at less than a fiver I am more than happy.  The two new undercoats Wraith Bone and Seer Grey are also the same price as regular undercoats.

The pots will also include the Contrast thinning medium which is used to thin down the paints and they can be painted directly over other paints, including Contrast paints to get stunning effects very quickly and smoothly.

We will be field testing these paints on June 15th with a live feed hopefully so join us then.  In the meantime check out the excellent videos from the Warhammer Community site and Pete the Wargamers excellent look at how well they work (dont forget to subscribe to Petes excellent channel to keep updated).  And don’t forget that Citadel Colour is now LIVE!

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