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Time to delve into the worlds of the DC Universe and see what’s new!

The Batman

As reported last month the race for the new person to take over from Ben Affleck as Batman has finally been resolved and hot contender Robert Pattinson has officially been cast as the lead in Matt Reeves upcoming movie for DC.

Pattinson beat contender Nicolas Hault to the role and now be the sixth live action Batman on the big screen since 1989!

Recently DC launched a new Twitter account for the movie.

More Batman!

Titans was a smash hit with fans and critics alike and as the show gears up towards its second season some new characters have been cast, and biggest of which was Batman/Bruce Wayne!

Iain Glenn is a well-known character actor and has appeared in lots of roles, including Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Downton Abbey, and most recently Game of Thrones!  He will bring a great deal of experience to the role of billionaire turned vigilante Bruce Wayne and joins the cast for its second season!

Doom Patrol out of continuity?

The crazy superhero show Doom Patrol has just finished its first season on DC Universe and left fans wondering how it fits in with the rest of the content being made for the streaming service.

In Titans season 1, there is an episode called Doom Patrol (episode four) which sees the main characters meet up with some of the characters of Doom Patrol.  The episode features Elasti-Girl Rita Farr, Negative Man Larry Tranor and Robot Man Cliff Steele, as well as Niles Caulder; the Cheif!  In the episode, it is noted that Gar Logan; Beastboy, lives with the Doom Patrol and has done so for many years.

However there is no mention at all of Gar having ever met the characters, let alone stayed with them following his accident in Doom Patrols first season and very recently actress April Bowlby who plays Rita Farr in the show; stated that in this version of Doom Patrol, none of the characters know Gar Logan at all!

The reason for all the confusion was that the episode was filmed before season one of Doom Patrol had actually started filming and the writers seemed to have forgotten to retcon the character of Gar into the series, even just as a mention.

Titans, Doom Patrol and now Swamp Thing (the latest series to air on the DC Universe) are all led by different writing teams and as such there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way.

Bowlby did go on record as stating that there is no reason why the characters from each show may not end up crossing over at some future point.

Swamp Thing rates high

The third live action series for the DC Universe streaming platform is Swamp Thing and it debuted high last week with a huge 94% on Rotten Tomatoes!

The show follows Gothams Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, a CDC scientist who is called back to her home town after a spate of mysterious deaths!  While investigating she runs into Alec Holland (played by Andy Bean) a virologist who is investigating the swamp for a town official.  Things heat up when bodies start to come to light and a young girl is infected with a strange illness that links with the swamp and mysterious growth of plantlife.

The pilot leans heavily on Alan Moores run on the loved comic book and features Holland being left for dead following an attack, but transformed by the strange powers of the Lousiana swamp surrounding the small town of Maris!

The show is much darker than Titans or Doom Patrol, much in keeping with the nature of the comics and their supernatural elements and looks to be just as entertaining going forward. Add to this a great line up of actors such as Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Virginia Madsen and Henderson Wade and some stunning visual storytelling and its fair to say that DC is doing much better when it comes to the small screen than Marvel are!

Idris Elba Joins DC

British actor Idris Elba has left the Marvel Universe (having played Heimdall in five movies and Moreau in Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance), he now rejoins the DC Universe to play Bronze Tiger in the upcoming James Gunn Suicide Squad sequel!

Elba previously played Roque in the movie The Losers which is a Vertigo title from DC Comics, so in a sense, this is his second outing as a DC character.  Sadly this does mean that Elba won’t be assuming the role of John Stewart for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps something he would be extremely suited for.

Bronze Tiger is an anti-hero in the comics and has lots of prowess when it comes down to fighting, so expect a lot of fist fights in the new movie! He is also a martial arts master which will give Idris Elba a chance to show off his own talents as a kickboxer and boxer!

More DC  News soon.

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