Lest We Forget!

Today marks seventy five years since one of the most decisive battles in the history of mankind took place,  With thousands of young men dying on that fateful day (both axis and allied troops alike)  this was the battle that turned the tide of the war.

Now as we reach this historic landmark day it is only fitting to remember those who didn’t make it from the beaches, hamlets and towns during the landings, from Ohama Beach to Pegasus Bridge and all of the contested beaches, fields and more. Yet as we remember the dead, we should never forget the living and those who made it home and honour them.

For my beloved uncles Sgt Ernest ‘Ernie’ Edwards and Flight Lieutenant Frederick ‘Fred’  Barnes who made it home but left something behind. 

Please remember that June is PTSD awareness month.

If you are a veteran and are looking for help, please check out these links HERE.

For more help and information please visit Trauma Dissociation by clicking the logo below

If you are concerned about a loved one or yourself and need advice please visit this LINK or call 0808 159 8161

June is PTSD awareness month social media poster

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