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There is a lot of division between Star Wars fans when it comes to Rogue One! Some fans loathe it and constantly complain about the bad CGI to bring Peter Cushing’s Moff Tarkin back, or the fact that one of the best scenes was only in the trailer and not actually in the movie! On the other hand there are those fans who think that this is the second best movie in the entire franchise after The Empire Strikes Back!

Orson Callan Krennic as played by Ben Mendelsohn

Of course it’s all down to personal choice one what you prefer, and while Rogue One did have its problems, it gave us a very believable and self centred villain in the form of Director Orson Krennic. Played by Ben Mendelsohn with a gusto, Krennic is one of the better villains in the franchise of late and commands every scene he is in!

Krennic is an idealist and thinks little for others and is only out to serve his own agendas.  He clashes heads with Moff Tarkin as both vie to be the right hand man of the Emperor himself, and Krennic is put in overall command of the construction of the first Death Star.  Not afraid to use anything to accomplish his goals, Krennic orders the death of the wife of one of his closest friends, Galen Erso ; in order to convince Erso to return to the Death Star project!

He is often seen protected by his own squad of Death Troopers who are assigned to him as bodyguards and will lay down their lives for him in an instant!   He is cunning and shrewd but also his big weakness is that of underestimation as he underestimates both Galen Erso and Darth Vader much to his own cost!

Here is my unboxing of this expansion

Krennic makes a strange commander if you are used to fielding either Darth Vader or Maximilian Veers and has a much different approach to play style.

For a start Krennic has the keyword Entourage: Imperial Death Troopers which allows him to take a unit of said Death Troopers in much the same way that Emperor Palpatine can take Imperial Royal Guard; allowing him to take a unit of Death Troopers and pay the points value for them, but not use up one of those all-important slots.

He has Cunning as a keyword which will give him the edge in the command phase in the event of a tie, and he is rounded out by Sharpshooter 1 and Compel which allows him to give a suppression token to a none panicked unit that is already suppressed giving that unit a free move action!

With surges on both offense and defense, wounds of 6 and a courage of 2, Krennic is quite useful and should stick around for a good few turns if you are careful, and at just 90 points he is pretty good value for points and the added Death Troopers unit can make a lot of difference too.

His DT-29 blaster has a range of 1-2 but rolls a red, white and black die and his Sharpshooter rule will lower cover and make it easier to wound units.

So far so good for Krennic, but where I think he really comes into his own is with his Command cards.

His three point card is Annihilation Looms and this is something that affects both sides of the battle regardless.  When played each trooper unit gains a suppression token, and if it is either turn five or six then each unit will gain a further suppression token to represent the approaching doom of the Death Star as it draws ever closer.

His two point card is Deploy the Garrison and allows Krennic to issue standby tokens to two friendly units that have face up tokens on them, this will help claim areas of contention on the battlefield and open up new options as units can go onto standby after activating.

Finally, the one point card is Voracious Ambition, this allows you to place three random tokens from your force pile onto the card then you can choose to activate from that card rather than randomly.  Sure it is still pretty random as you draw three blind, but seeing as you can look at them once you have drawn them it makes sense

The miniature is one of the best so far in the Legion range and captures the presence and likeness of actor Ben Mendelsohn perfectly.  He is posed mid-stride with his overcoat billowing around him as he strides across the battlefield, pistol raised but knowing full well hes got backup to look after him.

The facial detail is fantastic and the whole kit consists of just four parts and like most of the ranges goes together easily, though glueing the arm in highly recommended.

The Director Krennic Expansion is available now from Fantasy Flight Games .  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!

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