No Half Measures! TT Combat

A short while ago, the guys over at TTCombat ran a very successful kickstarter campaign to produce a huge range of Halfling miniatures.

The miniatures covered militia, characters and even zombies that were all Halflings or related to the diminutive race such as trolls or tree men, even zombie Halflings were a stretch goal!

The campaign reached its target quickly, shattered it and went way beyond, raising a total of over £44,000 on a target goal of £4,000!

The miniatures were all beautiful and fun and would bring a lot of scope to fantasy gamers as Halflings tend to be overlooked by most companies, other than for comedic effect, though the miniatures from TTCombat did reflect this nature and the obssesion with food, they didn’t overplay it as some other companies tend to do.

I backed the project to get the Kickstarter Exclusive Halfling Lord as I thought that the model looked neat and would something nice to add to my collection (though its a lot more of an obsession than a collection really) and backed the project.

I only have a small budget to get items to review for Gamers Web each month, (having a three year old son can really eat into your pocket) and the vast majority of things reviewed or unboxed are bought from my own pocket, with the exception of those stated during the reviews.

Although I wanted to get my hands on the lovely Halfling Lord, it was the Halfling Rumbleslam team that really had me interested and once the campaign was over and done with and the pledge manager opened, I added the extra to my total and got the team added!

I received my miniatures this week and you can check out my video unboxing of them below!

The Halfling Lord is a beauty of a miniature, really neat and very well sculpted and as with the vast majority of miniatures from TTCombat has very little clean up to do.  He is armed with a sword and wearing very heavy plate armour and looks like he means business very much indeed and will be an ideal model in a fantasy roleplaying campaign or adventure.

Cast as a single piece the miniature also comes with a square slotted base to mount it on, keeping very much with the old Warhammer Fantasy vibe that inspired this miniature and most of the other Halflings in the range.

I was quite surprised when I opened the small ziplock bag that the miniature and base came in to discover three of the zombie busts from the range that had been included as a thank you.  Not expected at all but highly welcomed and I look forward to painting all of these lovely miniatures up very soon and will be making good use of the new Citadel Contrast Paints to do so as they scream out for that kind of love.

Of course, it was the Rumbleslam team that I really was keen to get my hands on, having already amassed a few teams and very eager to add more.  The Halfling Rumbleslam team is only available as part of the kickstarter and at specific events that TTCombat attends (like Salute and UK Games Expo) and won’t be available to buy on their website or via third parties.

The team (which as far as I know has no name) is made up of six Mexican style Luchador wrestlers (complete with Luchador masks and even capes) and features a Halfling referee and hails from the Moote Carlo Casino (again no details on this on the website or anywhere I can find, but hopefully it will get expanded at some point soon).  The wrestlers are made up of Grapplers and Brawlers and a huge Halfling that looks as large as a Sumo Wrestler (and the only model that is not a one piece miniature), and a tiny tree man who is very clearly based on a tree-like character from a very popular series of movies!

Each of the miniatures is very well sculpted and features awesome attention to detail and the two models with capes have some of the most fluid animation I have seen on a miniature in a very long time and both look as if they are about to kick some serious backside along the way.

First up we have Halfling Rudo who is (much like the rest of his teammates) a dynamite player when it comes to rope and turnbuckle tactics.  With an ATT of 1 Copper +1, a DEF of 1 Silver, GRP of 1 Copper and DEX of 2 Silver +1, five AP and 3 Move he is not to be scoffed at for his small stature.  The character is a Heel and can fight dirty and has a couple of really nasty attacks, one of which is Chico De Condado (which several of this teammates have) which allows the model to use a teammate as if it was a turnbuckle, but at a shorter range (as they are jumping off each other) and to less effect (costs 1 more AP to pull off).

Rudo is joined by what I would take to be his brothers Limpio, Tecnico, Exotico,  as well as the huge  Peso Completo.  Each of these awesome models works extremely well with their teammates and I can see players using them as tag-teams within play given how well they literally bounce off each other.

Peso Completo is a pretty hard case with an ATT of I Gold/Copper, DEF of 1 Gold/Silver, GRP of 1Gold/Copper and DEX of 2 Silver and while not as fast as the rest of the team (Move of 3) he really can pack a punch, especially if he uses his rope ability ,  He also has the Low Centre of Gravity ability which means he is a lot heavier than he looks and cannot be Knocked Down (though can be KO’d)but this also means that if he or his teamates use the Chico De Condado attack, the team mate takes 3 DMG!  He also gives every friendly wrestler with the Chico De Condado  ability 2 Stamina if he does his Crowd Pleaser.

The final member of the team is the pseudo treeman Mushcles.  He is the most expensive model in the team coming in at 300K but with great stats (ATT 1 Silver/2 Copper. DEF 3 Copper, GRP 1Gold/Copper, DEX 1 Gold/Silver/Copper) five AP and a move of 4, he is worth it.  Add to this his ‘I AM MUSHCLES’ and Tiny Dancer abilities and other wrestlers may think twice about getting too close to him.

Finally, the Halfling Ref has the ability to give out pasties to wrestlers that will give them back Stamina, but could rob them of AP if they roll wrong as the pasty is cold!

All in all a great team and one I am so eager to paint and I am really looking forward to getting them into the ring soon.

I only discovered Rumbleslam late last year and gave it my Game of the Year award for 2018, and with releases like this, I am sure that it will only grow in the future.

Please remember that June is PTSD awareness month.

If you are a veteran and are looking for help, please check out these links HERE.

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Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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