Fragged Regions Kickstarter and sale

News just in from Modiphius about Fragged Regions Kickstarter for Fragged Empire!

Fragged Empire, Wade Dyer’s awesome RPG has just launched a brand new Kickstarter entitled Fragged Regions.
To celebrate these new expansions to the Fragged universe we’ve also kicked off a massive sale on the Modiphius store with 25-50% off selected books, minis and PDFs, so there’s never been a better time to explore this fantastic setting!
This brand new Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the production of three new region booksGreyburgh Market, Arcane Bay and Mishpacha for the tabletop RPGs: Fragged EmpireFragged Aeternum and Fragged Kingdom.
These new books will have a focus on lore, with plenty of maps, factions, NPCs and locations. They will also include additional rule options for PCs and GMs and here are the details.
  • 3 New Region Based Books: For Fragged Empire, Aternum and Kingdom.
  • Each book has 164 Pages.
  • Premium Quality Production: Full Colour, Hard Cover, Lots of Art, Maps and Lore
Meanwhile you can now buy titles like Fragged Kingdom, Fragged Aeternum and Fragged Seas at 25% off and adventures like Let Sleeping Gods Lie, Genetic Spectres and Alien Flames for a massive 50% off.
Be sure to head over and check out the Kickstarter too!

Please remember that June is PTSD awareness month.

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