Sister Sister. Games Workshop

For many years now one of the most requested forces in Games Workshops grim dark future game Warhammer 40,000 has been the Sisters of Battle.

Each year rumors about an all new codex and army list appear and there is always someone who says that a friend of theirs who knows a guy who once went to Games Workshops HQ saw a squad of plastic sisters!

The army is often questioned by die-hard fans of the game, and Adeptus Soritas or the Sisters of Battle to give them their more common name; are labeled as either too weak due to their organisation or way to powerful, having some of the best squads outside of the Space Marines themselves. Throw in the acts of faith and it can really upset some gamers who will often claim that the entire army has been nerfed.

Last year we got our first proper look at the mere hint of getting a new Sisters codex and more importantly, those plastic miniatures that people have been after for over a decade now.

Today we got our first glimpse at a full squad of sisters (though not all together) over at the Warhammer Community page, and they look breathtakingly good.  With just six model renders being shown it is looking good to see even this slight glimpse and of course the models will be beautiful once we get them in eager hands.

You can check out the full article over on the community page but for now, here are some images.

Still no sign of the Seraphim yet or other units but this is a good place as any to start I guess.


Images © Games Workshop All Rights Reserved


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