Warlord Open Day 2019

It’s that crazy time of the year once again when much like Willie Wonka, Warold Ganes opens its doors to the public and gives you the chance to see whats coming from the Mighty Warlord in the new year or so.

Saturday July 20th will see Warlord open their doors to the public for their annual open day and there are some pretty awesome things happening and best of all you don’t need to eat tons of chocolate to get a ticket!

With the highly anticipated ancients game SPQR being launched on the day and available, and a whole host of other things going on such as seminars and talks from John Stallard (Warlord CEO and all around gentleman) the legend that is Paul Sawyer and a chance to chat with games gods Rick Priestley and Andy Chambers, what more could you wish for?

Okay how about a sneak look at Black Sails the napoleonic naval action game?  Or a look at the all new Judge Dredd miniatures for their hotly anticipated new miniatures game?

Add to this some amazing bargains and that special gladiator figure diorama and the chance to see behind the scenes of how miniatures are made up and cast and much, much more. 

But enough of my waffle, let the great man himself Mr John Stallard tell you more!

Tickets and details of the open day are available on the Warlord Games website right now.

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