Helter Skelter Update. Osprey Games

Its been a good while since the first announcement from Osprey Games and their upcoming Judge Dredd boardgame Helter Skelter, but we recently got a sneak peek at what is to come.The game  is due to be released in October and will expand on the story Helter Skelter by Garth Ennis that appeared in the 2000AD comic book by taking those events and expanding them to include the rest of the 2000AD universe.

In the original story, a tear in the fabric of reality saw long dead foes of Judge Dredd crossing from their reality into Dredds to kill him and destroy Mega-City One completely.

The game will feature 20 ink washed miniatures as well as 188 cards and rules, etc. The first of these miniatures have been revealed and naturally its Joe Dredd himself.  Based on artwork by fan favourite Mike McMahon and looks likely to be made as a single piece casting and made from high-density PVC!

More news as soon as we get it!


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