Para-Bellum E Store now live

Para-Bellum have just launched their e-shop and their brand new game Conquest: Last Argument of Kings is now finally available (look out for a full review very soon). Which faction will you choose to seal the future of Eä?

Visit or click the image above, browse at your leisure and order now! To whom will you bring Conquest? Will it be the steel-clad might of the Hundred Kingdoms? Or the unrelenting force of the ancient Spires? Will you defend the people and resources of your land? Or will you crush the humans and use them to fuel your Biomantic creations?

To help you get started all orders over 65 EUR/USD have free shipping!

Conquest 2 Faction Starter Set
Men-at-Arms – Expansion Set
Mercenary Crossbowmen – Expansion Set
Household Knights – Expansion Set
Force-Grown Drones – Expansion Set
Brute Drones – Expansion Set
Abomination – Expansion Set
Meanwhile, reports come in from all over the world about weird sightings on shelves of unsuspecting retailers. A battalion of Men-at-Arms has planted their banner on a top shelf in Arizona, claiming it for their lord. A group of Force-Grown Drones stands eerily still on a display in Germany, chilling the blood of all who hear their low hisses between chittering teeth. A Noble Lord and his knights were seen charging through a store in Singapore, their hooves thundering over wood and glass alike, while in the United Kingdom, complaints are pouring in about the burning odor of a Pheromancer’s fumes.

While more reports come in, one thing is sure: from Russia to South Africa and from California to Greece, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is here.

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