SDCC Picard Trialer drops

Star Trek is getting lots of love at the moment with Discovery about to start filming its third season and the animated Lower Decks due out in 2020.

But for many fans the real meat of the meal is Star Trek Picard which will see the return of one of the most loved characters not only in Trek, but in television itself.

Not much was known about the Amazon Prime show until recently, other than it was set some twenty years after the events of Star Trek Nemisis the last big screen outing for the Next Generation crew under the command of Captain Jon Luc Picard. The story picks up following those events and the destruction of Romulus that led to the splintering of the time line and Spock going back in time and the resulting Kelvin timeline.

Now twenty years later we find Picard no longer in Starfleet and living on his families vineyard in France. Enter a young woman and his life changes once again.

A new poster dropped earlier this week featuring Pactrick Stewart as Picard at the vineyard with a dog at his side.  Today that was capped by the revival of the trailer at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

It is early days but wow this trailer is amazing and has some unexpected appearances which is a bonus.

Picard will premiere on Amazon Prime later this year!

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