SDCC: The Expanse Season 4 Trailer

The science fiction and television loving community was pretty much in shock when the hit show The Expanse was cancelled from out of nowhere, but much like Star Trek before it never underestimate the power of fans!

The show was riding high with both audiences and critics alike and a campaign to bring the show to a new platform seemed to kick in from nowhere, gaining 250,000 followers in less than a day, hiring a plane to fly a banner over Amazons head office and even having the stars join in most notably Cas Anvar who plays pilot Alex Kamal in the show.

And much like the campaign led by uber Trek fan Bjo Trimble in the 70s, The Expanse was saved from cancellation and found a new home on Amazon Prime.

Now at San Diego Comic Con we have been treated to our first look at Season 4 and a hint at what is in store for Holden, Naomi, Alex and Amos; as the Rocinante sets forth through one of the protomolecule gates and heads for the mysterious world of Ilis in a far distant galaxy!

While not so much of a trailer, the clip shows the crew getting ready to touch down on the alien world and Naomi working out, and struggling to stand when the ship touches down. Being a Belter her physiology means she finds the pressure of gravity difficult to cope with.

The teaser also briefly introduces us to the main antagonist of the season Adolphus Murtry played by Torchwoods  Burn Gorman.

The Expanse Season 4 will go through the gate December 14th 2019

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