Rutger Hauer Obituary

It is with much sadness that we hear of the passing of an amazing actor, Rutger Hauer best know for his stand out performance as Roy Baty in the seminal movie Blad Runner has died.

Hauer was a versatile actor and artist and had appeared in many movies.and television shows over the many decades he was performing. He worked alongside Paul Verhoeven in his medieval movie Flesh and Blood, appeared in Batman Begins and was well known for his voice work on video games and animation.  He was amazing in the fantasy movie Ladyhawke which still stands as one of my favourite movies.  Other notable performances include Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, Blind Fury and Hobo with a Shotgun!

But it is perhaps his role as Replicant Roy Baty in Blade Runner that he will be remembered most for.  A stunning performance and he is credited with writing one of the most iconic speeches in movie history.

The versatile Dutch actor passed away on July 19th at the age of 75 and leaves behind an impressive legacy of work.

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