Warlord tease Dredd vs Death miniature. Warlord Games

Last weekend saw Warlord Games open its doors to the general public and have its annual open day.  While I was unable to attend myself, Craig did get us a load of photos from the event, including some awesome shots of the new Judge Dredd miniatures game!

Now our good friends over at Warlord Games have officially teased the game with this promo image below and I think you will agree it looks astounding!

The miniature is based on a very famous image by renowed 2000AD artist Greg Staples and first appeared when the Dredd vs Death video/console game was released way back in 2003.  The cover features the spectral image of Judge Death wrapped around Judge Dredd and has also been released as a statue in the past and is one of the most iconic images from the comics long history.

It is not totally sure yet if this will be a pre-order only miniature, in the same vein as the Johnny Alpha with Electronux was for the release of the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game last year, but I would think that it is a safe bet.

The game is due out in November this year so hopefully we will find out more very soon.

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