Alien RPG Preorders. Free League Publishing

The Alien Roleplaying game is coming to the end of its preorder phase now as Free League gear up towards the release of the game itself. Preorder now and get a copy of the PDF to tide you over, and if you are going to GenCon this weekend you can stop by and see the guys in person.

“A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

This is just a friendly reminder that the end of the exclusive pre-order of the upcoming official ALIEN roleplaying game is approaching fast. The deadline is this coming Sunday, August 4. If you didn’t already do so, hurry over to at ALIEN-RPG.COM and pre-order before it’s too late. And if you already did – tell your friends!

When you pre-order, you get access to a 168-page Cinematic Starter Kit PDF including the complete cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods within days after purchase and can start playing immediately – no need to wait until the official release in December!

PS. If you’re coming to Gen Con this weekend, swing by the Free League booth (#2664) to say hi and discuss all things ALIEN with the design team!

By taking part in the pre-order for the ALIEN RPG, you can also provide feedback on the game before the core rulebook goes to print, and thereby help us making the game even more awesome – and be credited as an official playtester.There is a link to a feedback form inside the Starter Kit PDF itself, but it seems many of are having trouble accessing the link. If so, please try this direct link instead.

If you have questions or thoughts on the ALIEN RPG, don’t hesitate to visit our forums on the Free League website or follow us on Facebook./Free League Publishing

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