Dredd on a Bike! Warlord Games

Last week we got a tease look at the new Dredd vs Death miniature from our good friends at Warlord Games, now we have been blessed with another sneak look at miniatures from the Judge Dredd Miniatures game, this time its the man himself!

Dredd is pretty iconic when you look at it.  He wears armour and a helmet that instantly distinguish him as a member of the Mega-City One Justice Department, he looks menacing with the eyeless visor on his helmet and this helps the character stand out from other comic book heroes.

Dredd of course lives in a vast metropolis of a city that covers most of the Eastern seaboard of what once was North America, and living in such a huge city means that you need to be able to respond to crimes quickly if your a judge!

Enter the Lawmaster MK II the fastest motorcycle around and designed to help the judges dispense instant justice if needed!

Capable of speeds in excess of 300MPH, auto drive and complete with an arsenal that could stop a small army, the Lawmaster is the quickest way for Judges to get around in the city and bring perps to justice.  It is equipped with gatling machine cannons, that can make munce of most armours, an onboard computer that is linked directly to the main system known as MAC and which also has a limited AI of sorts.  All this plus a full forensics suite and much more.

The miniature features Dredd riding this huge monster of a machine and will be one of the talking points of the range once released.  Details of materials used are thin at the moment but I would guess from looking at the images so far that it is made from the new wonder resin that Warlord have recently begun to use on the miniatures for the SPQR system and more.

The game is still underwraps but should be out later this year.

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