Conquest Updates. Para Bellum Wargames

Conquest: Last Argument of Kings is now out and by the time you read this the game should be in most retailers hands. 

Not content with just sitting on the core box starter sit alone, Para Bellum is releasing a whole slew of new and exciting miniatures to add to your Spire and Hundred Kingdoms forces.


New Spire Characters!


Mountains of flesh and muscle become so much more under the command of their Biomantic leaders! Coming soon the Mimetic Assassin and High Clone Executor!
New Hundred Kingdom Characters!
Whether you prefer to guide your troops with the power of Faith that only the Theist Priest can wield or to lead them to victory with the unparalleled discipline that the Imperial Officer inspires, your Hundred Kingdoms army will soon be strengthened with these powerful characters.
And to further boost your forces, don’t miss out on Expansion sets that feature the core units from the starter set, along with those amazing banners!


Mercenary Crossbowmen – Expansion Set
Men-at-Arms – Expansion Set


Household Knights – Expansion Set
Force-Grown Drones – Expansion Set
Brute Drones – Expansion Set
Abomination – Expansion Set

Finally, the next two factions the Dewghom and the Nords will be out very, very soon.  Head on over to the official site for more details.

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