Warcry: Ravaged Lands: Shattered Stormvault. Games Workshop

Warcry is still pretty new, and I haven’thad the chance to play yet, but it looks pretty impressive.  Tonight thanks to the guys at 6s2Hit I was lucky enough to get to look through the new terrain set for the game from Games Workshop that is out this weekend.

The Warcry; Shattered Stormvault is a brand new terrain feature for the Warcry gang skirmish game and features some truly wonderful pieces of terrain, that have some of the best detailing that I have seen in a long time.

I was pretty impressed by how much detail has been packed into the sprues in this set and each piece seems to tell its own story and they will be amazing to paint up and really go to town on.

The set also includes a brand new double sided game board made from very durable and high quality card stock and also comes with counters and a set of terrain cards for the product.


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The Ark Games Club

And visit 6s2Hit for loads of great gaming products under one roof.

Many thanks to the folks at 6s2hit for all their help with the unboxings


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