Kings of War Roleplaying Quick Start Rules. Mantic Games

Mantic Games Kings of War is getting it’s very own roleplaying game and you can check out the game play right now and for free!

Expect a full review of this exciting new game very soon here on Gamers Web.

In a World of Heroes, Forge Your Own Legend!

Download the FREE Kings of War 5E Quickstart now and begin your own adventures in Mantic’s epic fantasy setting.

In a high-fantasy world where armies clash and god-like beings manoeuvre and plot against each other, it takes a mighty hero to step into the chaos and take control of their own destiny.

Kings of War the Roleplaying Game offers you the chance to explore Pannithor like never before. The stories that you tell will also provide the opportunity to take the reins of power in your own fledgling kingdom.

Of course, no journey towards a crown would be complete without dungeons to delve, monsters to defeat, plots in need of revealing, courtroom intrigue to contend with, and epic battles to be fought.

Kings of War RPG Visual Logo

Thanks to the contents of the Kings of War Quickstart, your ultimate fate is yours to decide!

  • Leap straight into the action with 5E rules enhanced with heroic options.
  • A summary of Pannithor and its denizens, providing a brief overview of the rich lore that breathes life into the world.
  • A free introductory adventure designed to introduce the GM and players to the fantastic setting and sharp rules.
  • Six pre-generated characters drawn from across Mantica, allowing the GM and players to charge headlong into the action.


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