Sisters confirmed for November. Games Workshop

It’s been a long time in the making but finally the end is nearly upon us as Games Workshop finally set a street date for the much anticipated plastic Sisters of Battle!

Since Games Workshop started the slow transition of all its lines from metal to plastic, one of the most requested and demanded armies was that of the Adeptus Soretas the Sisters of Battle.

Over the past few months the folks over at the Warhammer Community pages have been giving sneak looks at the upcoming plastic miniatures, with some of them being among the best ever from the Nottingham based company.

Now the news coming from Nova gives us a street date of November 2019 for the release and a short video teases more dynamically posed Sisters, and our first look at the all new plastic Penitent Engine!  We are also treated to fully painted miniatures including the new Battle Sisters, Seraphim and Sister Superior, a great looking force that is a sure temptation to start to collect.

Check out the Warhammer Community page for more details and watch out for preorders for the limited edition codex for this force as its bound to sell really quickly.

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