Wild West Exodus September Pre-orders Live. Warcradle Studios

September Pre-Orders for the excellent Wild West Exodus are now up and live on the Warcradle Studios and feature some pretty awesome models.

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Guilty as charged. 
Guilty, why? Because Judge Kingsley Stern says so…

Lawmen, Warrior Nation and Hex players, you’re all in for a treat this month as there’s a new Posse set, a new Boss and Support Unit available to pre-order!

The Lynch Mob Posse is an entirely new set for Lawmen, focused on bringing justice to the wild west, one Outlaw at a time. Those convicted by Judge Kingsley Stern will face his Gallows or his deputies…

Pre-order the Lynch Mob Posse from today.

This month also sees the arrival of a powerful yet gruesome twosome, Legendary Lucretia and Tituba, for The Hex – available to pre-order now. Don’t forget your Hex Beasts.

And finally, for Warrior Nation and more, a pair of spectral warriors! From today, you can pre-order a set of Spirit Apparitions.

All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS – to be released on the 28th September 2019.

Find out more about this months pre-orders on the Warcradle Studios blog.

The Cowboys Posse
Lynch Mob Posse

Lynch Mob Posse



Legendary Vor Khet
Legendary Lucretia and Tituba

Legendary Lucretia and Tituba




Spirit Apparitions



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